Riese & Müller 2025 Updates: Delite5, Homage5, UBN Five & Packster2 Buggy!
Riese & Müller 2025 Updates: Delite5, Homage5, UBN Five & Packster2 Buggy!

Riese & Müller 2025 Updates: Delite5, Homage5, UBN Five & Packster2 Buggy!

Today, we're live from Eurobike in Frankfurt, the biggest and most exciting bike show in the world! This article focuses on the 2025 updates from Riese & Müller, featuring the new Delite5, Homage5, and the Packster2 70 buggy option, which are nothing short of revolutionary. These enhancements not only push the boundaries of eBike performance but also redefine safety and convenience for family transport. Let's dive into what makes these updates so exciting.

Delite5 and Homage5: A Leap in eBike Technology

The new Delite5 and Homage5 models mark a significant milestone in Riese & Müller's eBike evolution. Both bikes feature the groundbreaking Pinion MOTOR.GEARBOX.UNIT (MGU), a fully integrated drive system that combines the motor and gearing into a single, compact unit. This integration offers numerous benefits:

  1. Enhanced Riding Dynamics: By positioning the motor and gears in the bottom bracket area, the rear wheel hub remains light and stable, enhancing suspension performance and reducing unsprung weight.
  2. Powerful Performance: With a torque of 85 Nm and a gearing range of 600 percent, the Delite5 and Homage5 are equipped to tackle any terrain with ease. The S-Pedelec versions support speeds up to 45 km/h, perfect for those seeking a high-speed commute.
  3. Smart.Shift Technology: Advanced features like Start.Select, Pre.Select, and fully automatic shifting ensure a seamless riding experience. Riders can choose between fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual gear shifting modes, adapting to their preferences and riding conditions.

The new frame designs of both models ensure a harmonious aesthetic while offering distinct advantages. The Delite5 features a classic diamond frame, while the Homage5 retains its step-through design, making it accessible and convenient for all riders.

Innovative Features for an Unmatched Experience

Riese & Müller have also introduced several high-tech features to enhance the user experience:

  • High-Quality Suspension: The standard FOX suspension package, with 120 mm travel on the front and 45 mm on the rear, ensures a smooth ride over any surface.

  • Advanced Braking System
    : The TRP 4-piston brake system with 203 mm discs provides exceptional braking power and safety.
  • Comprehensive Lighting System: The M99 Mini Pro lighting system and Supernova TL3 Pro rear light with brake light ensure visibility and safety in all conditions.
  • RX Connect App: Standard on all models, this app allows users to locate their bike, lock it digitally, and view riding data. The ConnectCare Free service, available in select countries, offers additional peace of mind with insurance cover, recovery service, and more.

Packster2 70: The Ultimate Family Cargo Bike

For families, the new buggy option for the Packster2 70 is a game-changer. This update prioritises safety and convenience, making it easier than ever to transport children securely:

  • Lower Side Entry: The redesigned entry point is lower, allowing younger children to get in and out of the bike with ease.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: A fixed water-repellent child cover, roll bar, and headrest provide maximum protection. The roof's plastic panel and tinted viewing windows add to the safety and comfort.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: All materials used are recyclable and emission-free, aligning with Riese & Müller's commitment to sustainability.

This buggy option is standard on all Packster2 70 models with the 'family' special edition mode, ensuring that every family can enjoy these benefits.

UBN Five Commute: The All-Road All-Rounder

The UBN Five Commute is a standout addition to Riese & Müller's Urban Line family, which includes the Five, Six, and Seven models. Equipped with the Fazua Ride 60 motor, this model takes urban commuting to a new level of performance and versatility.

  • Sporty Dynamics: The UBN Five Commute features a drop bar for a dynamic riding position and sporty G-One Allround tyres with a width of 40 mm. These tyres provide excellent grip on both asphalt and gravel roads, while the tan walls add a striking look that complements the frame colour "selva".
  • Advanced Control: The support levels of the motor are controlled via the Road Control system, with two small buttons on the left and right handlebars for easy operation.
  • High-Quality Components: The 11-speed Shimano GRX gearing system offers high efficiency, and the suspension fork ensures comfort on bumpy roads. The bike also includes a pannier rack and an SP-Connect interface for smartphone attachment.
  • Lightweight Design: With a weight of only 19.8 kg (for frame size 51), the UBN Five Commute is perfect for those seeking a lightweight yet powerful eBike.

The UBN Five Commute also comes with Riese & Müller's RX Chip, allowing users to track their bike via GPS, lock it digitally, and activate a digital alarm. Customers in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Luxembourg can enjoy a one-year free subscription to the ConnectCare Insurance package, offering theft and damage protection.


At Fully Charged, we're excited to offer these cutting-edge updates from Riese & Müller. The Delite5 and Homage5 set new standards in eBike technology and performance, while the UBN Five Commute and Packster2 70 buggy option redefine urban commuting and family transport. Whether you're an avid commuter or a family on the go, these 2025 models promise finely tuned enhancements to the benchmark of eBike engineering from Riese & Müller. 

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Written by Max J