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Fully Charging towards a greener future for Milton Keynes

We are all starting to realise that a new age of transport is here, with eCargo bikes becoming the true viable alternative to cars and delivery vans in our cities and towns. It’s been a great start to the month in the Midlands as our partner-store at Fully Charged Silverstone has been awarded the contract to provide Milton Keynes Council with 21 eCargo bikes, and thus continue the growing enthusiasm for eBikes not just for personal use, or business use, but for local authorities too.

The Department of Transport eCargo Bike Grant scheme, which funded up to 20% of the total cost of an eCargo bike up to £1000, attracted a significant number of applicants over the course of the last twelve months, not least Milton Keynes Council who now have a fleet of sixteen Riese and Muller, two Urban Arrows and three Tern eCargo bikes; all of which are provided by our Silverstone team!

The new eCargo bikes given to the Milton Keynes Council will create a rental fleet for use by local businesses for last mile delivery, as well as making the council itself travel more sustainably, with their highway and tree inspectors using the bikes as a greener way of getting around the borough. Three bikes are also being donated to the food distribution charity the Hubbub Foundation, to help them run their nationwide network of Community Fridges.

Councillor Lauran Townsend, Milton Keynes Cabinet Member for Sustainability, is excited for what’s to come; ‘we are committed to new and innovative ways of achieving our ambition of being carbon neutral by 2030. eCargo bikes are a fantastic way to help us achieve this, enabling the council staff, social enterprises and local businesses to all play a part in reducing our impact on the environment. I think electric bikes are the future, and I'm really proud that yet again Milton Keynes is leading the way.’ Tristan, our Silverstone Director is thrilled to have put the council on such good quality vehicles; ‘the bikes are extraordinarily high-quality machines, with superior build quality, industry-leading Bosch batteries and low-maintenance running. They’ll certainly be in demand.”

The role eCargoes will play in the mobility of the U.K.’s transport sector over the coming century is undeniable. European research suggests that 10-15% of all delivered goods could be replaced by the eCargo bike trade in the coming years. All manners of businesses and local authorities are looking to adopt this new form of mobility. These bikes allow for all manners of companies to make deliveries in urbanised areas faster and in a more environmental way, whilst drastically saving maintenance, congestion and parking costs associated with vans and cars.

If you, your business or local council would like to find out more feel free to book a virtual consultation with one of our eBike specialists.

Henry Hayes


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