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Brand Gocycle Logo


The most advanced electric bikes ever produced and the best folding commuter eBike on the market.

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Brand Coboc Logo


e-Mobility is the future, and Coboc shows it on the street. Lightweight & beautiful eBikes.

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Brand Butchers & Bicycles Logo

Butchers & Bicycles

Hailing from Copenhagen, Butchers & Bicycles are the creators of the 3 wheeled eCargo bike that's built to tilt.

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Brand Urban Arrow Logo

Urban Arrow

Excellent range of award winning electric cargo bikes. Choose between modular cargo and family models.

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Brand Moustache Logo


Beautifully crafted electric bikes that are designed from the ground up for specific use cases.

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Brand Riese & Muller Logo

Riese & Muller

Built with a tension between comfort and performance. Handmade to the highest quality and can be tailored to suit you.

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Brand Vintage Electric Logo

Vintage Electric

Beautiful eBikes that hark back to the golden age of motorcycling. Each bike is handmade to custom specifications.

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Brand KTM Logo


KTM are a leading producer of electric bikes of all styles. Including full suspension eMTB’s all the way to urban low step cruisers. KTM eBikes are well specced at a competitive price range.

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Brand Tern Logo


Tern create 2 excellent eBikes powered by the renowned Bosch system. The GSD eCargo and the folding Vektron.

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Others Brand Logo


This section is home to all of our other eBikes. Here you'll find custom designs, special one-offs and more.

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