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Using the newest Bosch eBike technology and an extremely robust frame that can withstand heavy loads of up to 150kg, Urban Arrow offer a fantastic alternative for urban transport.

Whether its doing the school run with the kids, delivering packages or transporting your own goods around town, the Bosch 250W motor and Enviolo seamless transmission make transporting any load around town more fun and much easier. 

Apart from the usual benefits of an electric bicycle, the eCargo also has a wide range of business advantages.

Low inventory write-downs, economical price per kilometer and attractive lease rates.

Compared to a normal bicycle it also has a significantly larger geographical range. Fully Charged can offer a custom paint job tailored to your company.

Fully Charged have demo Urban Arrows available, please get in touch to find out more details.

Please Note: Urban Arrow's do not qualify for free delivery, a quote will be given once an address is provided. Please enquire for more details

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Urban Arrow Shorty

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Urban Arrow Family

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Urban Arrow Cargo L

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Urban Arrow Cargo XL

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Urban Arrow Tender 1000