Riese & Müller Culture

Riese & Müller Culture

The new Culture - Laid back riding for here and now.

The new Riese & Müller Culture brings together a modern look, casual riding experience and innovative technology in a uniquely designed bike for the trendier areas of town.

With the lightest Bosch drive system ever, fresh colours and a frame made of approximately 50% recycled aluminium1, the Cultureis once again at the pulse of time.

Who is this bike suitable for?

Meet the Riese & Müller Culture, a street-smart, minimalist, lightweight urban electric bike with that modern look, perfect for opting out of congestion and making the most of what your city has to offer.

With the all new Bosch Performance Line SX, weighing in at just 2.05kg and with 55 Nm of torque, this nearly silent motor packs a punch, making the Riese & Müller Culture a nippy, yet dexterous option for the city roads. . An all new Bosch CompactTube 400 Intube battery is hidden discreetly in the downtube, giving ample range and yet offering that much needed lightweight finish to this city electric bike.

Simply put, the Culture is most comfortable commuting from A to B, gliding through city traffic and taking in all of what the city has to offer.

Why Buy Riese & Müller?

With Riese & Müller, limits are meant to be pushed and boundaries redrawn. With a superlative German eye for precision engineering, their eBikes offer a definitive range of urban, touring and trekking eBikes that expand horizons.

Forever at the forefront of industry innovation, the company is considered the most respected eBike manufacturer, is still to this day 100% privately owned and has sustainability at its core.

With Riese and Muller it’s not just about having a high quality product that is robust and unique, it’s about the relentless ambition to inspire greatness.

Culture is everything you need in an urban, sporty electric bike. The DNA of the Culture was and remains a street style, relaxed and urban, with influences from the worlds of art, music, fashion and architecture. A lightweight electric bike for city living, it comes in either a standard or Mixte frame and three differing gearing options, tailor made to your specific requirements. The Bosch Smart System complements the Culture, making this an integrated, fun and personalized electric bike ready to take on the city.

Riese & Müller

Key Features


Bosch Performance Line SX Motor

Up to 55Nm of torque and sporty start-up characteristics, this motor gives a natural riding sensation, combined with all the benefits of an ebike, being sensitive, quiet and direct.


Bosch CompactTube 400 Intube battery

This lightweight, fully integrated eBike battery from Bosh impresses with innovative cell technology and enormous energy density. Perfect for eMTBs, e-gravel and city eBikes.


Bosch Smart System

Paired with the eBike Flow App, the Bosch Smart System keeps you up-to-date with over-the-air updates, custom riding modes and the ability to activate your eBike with a lock and an alarm feature courtesy of the Bosch ConnectModule.


Unisex Frame

Thanks to its slightly lowered top tube, you can swing elegantly onto the Culture and ride past everyone effortlessly.

Range Extender

in need of some extra juice? The all new Bosch Range Extender PowerMore 250 fits on the downtube as if it were a water-bottle, and can gain you an additional 250Wh of range. This is an optional upgrade.

Optional Upgrades

The Culture can come with a Suspension kit, including a Suntour NCX 63m suspension fork. You can also add a frame lock which is keyed alike with the battery and also a chain bag to store the bag under the saddle.

Gearing Options



A Shimano Cues Linklide 10-speed derailleur gearing system provides the Culture Touring with an ample and traditional range ratio through the gears.



A Nexus 8-Speed Hub gearing system gives the Culture Silent an easier step-change up through the gears.



A 380 continuous hub and Gates Carbon Belt Drive, the Culture Vario provides more of a relaxed transition up through the gears.