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Fully Charged welcomes Electric Bike Review to London

We’re delighted to have welcomed Court Rye –  one of the worlds most esteemed electric bike connoisseurs to London. In an action packed weekend, we began with a tour of Fully Charged, discussing our story and what the future holds for e-bikes.

London Bike Show

In addition, we visited the London Bike Show looking at the latest e-bike products, including the Electric Brompton.

Court’s highly rated Electric Bike Review website and channel on YouTube explores the world of E-Bikes in it’s most detailed and precise form.

Consequently, Court had a selection of our most exciting E-Bikes under the microscope.  The Riese & Muller Supercharger, Coboc One Soho, Moustache Lundi and the all new Desiknio were subject to EBR’s evaluation. As a result, the comprehensive video reviews will be released in the coming days.



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