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For years, the benefits of electric bikes have been enjoyed by our cousins on the continent, but they are a relatively new concept to our shores. So, what is an eBike, what are the benefits of riding with motor assistance and how do you go about choosing one?

eBikes can be many things to many people. Whether a tool for business, a way to extend your cycling commute or to simply have fun, there’s an eBike out there for everyone.



Introducing our comprehensive eBike buyers guides, crafted through extensive research and backed by genuine testimonials from real eBike riders.

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The Benefits of eBikes


Healthy Body

No pain no gain is a thing of the past! Forget the stress of public transport, sitting in traffic, or struggling up a hill on a bicycle, eBikes are a super-fun, fast and liberating alternative. Enjoy every aspect of your ride and arrive smiling and perspiration-free!


Healthy Planet

The need for our city to get a grip on its toxic air has never been more important, after reaching yearly legal pollution limit within a month in 2024. eBikes offer a sustainable method of transport that contributes to a cleaner, less congested city.


Healthy Mind

eBikes are fantastic machines, helping to reduce the stress associated with cycling. Forget worrying about the hills and arriving hot and bothered, eBike offer only the best bits, the fun, the smiles, the enjoyment you get out of cycling - whist, - feeling superhuman!


Healthy Wallet

With increased taxation on fossil-fuelled vehicles and rising costs of public transport the eBike alternative is very financially attractive! With clever ways to purchase including 0% finance, cycle schemes and leasing, you can spread the costs and make great savings!

Which eBike is right for you?


Urban eBikes

Ride around the city in style. Travel further, faster and stress-free.


Folding eBikes

Portable and practical. An ideal city companion.



Ditch the car or van. Carry loads throughout the city more efficiently - and save money!



Ride more trail faster and have more fun! Make more of your riding time!

Urban eBikes

Getting around, especially in a city such as London, can be expensive, congested and -polluting.

Whether you have a long commute, encounter hefty hills, don’t want to arrive at work hot and bothered, or simply want an efficient means of personal transport, choosing an eBike can save you time and money - and you can be a part of the future transport solution.

“The best damned upgrade I ever made, one of the best things I've ever bought. Said goodbye to lycra, now cycling around town and commuting is literally and metaphorically no sweat.“ – Peter Holbrook, Social Enterprise UK

Folding eBikes

Fast-folding and portable, the Tern Vektron and Gocycle are the leaders in this category, providing a efficient solution for those commuting and getting around town.

Mudguards, lights, panniers and suspension are found on the majority of these bikes, whilst benefiting from a comfortable eBike geometry so all the necessities are covered.

eCargo and Family Bikes

eCargo Bikes have seen a big uptake in usage in recent years as businesses realise their benefits - reducing their fleets of cars and vans to take advantage of the cleaner, greener, more efficient transport method.

As our cities become more congested, eCargo bikes offer a viable answer to getting around - travelling further, carrying more and saving time and money.

Hybrid Electric Bikes

Do you need an eBike that suits the town as much as the countryside? These bikes have the versatility for a mixture of uses, whether it be riding comfortably and smoothly on the road or tackling tough terrains in the rural areas.

Whether you have a multi-terrain commute, encounter hefty hills, or simply want an efficient and fun eBike. Commute in the week, explore on the weekend with a hybrid eBike.

How eBikes work: Mid Drive vs Hub Drive


With mid drive systems, the motor is housed centrally within the bottom bracket, keeping the centre of gravity low and central, making for a more balanced ride.

Typically mid drive motors are more intuitive, with triple sensor technology used to measure pedalling power, cadence and speed over 1000 times a second to ensure the force of the motor is harmoniously coordinated with the riders’ cycling style.

 The new smart system from Bosch combines high-quality eBike components with digital functions, is fully connected and always up to date thanks to over-the-air updates.


A hub motor can be mounted in the front or back wheel. Hub motors have sensors to detect a rider’s pedaling and power is sent to the motor.

Power delivery varies, some hub motors are able to measure power lots of times every pedal stroke, making them responsive.

Others are simpler, measuring only a few times per stroke, resulting in a linear power delivery.

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