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The Green Commute Initiative

Pollution causes more than six deaths per hour in the UK according to the World Health Organisation.

Join us in reducing your exposure and help to turn E-bikes into the green, clean and mean way to travel around our cities.

The UK has a very serious problem with air quality. All of the the UK’s cities and most of its towns have an air quality so poor it is illegal under EU directives. In April 2015 the Supreme Court ordered the Government to urgently create a cleanup plan. The UK is also likely to be fined by the EU for the breaches.

Healthy Air and King’s College London ran an experiment to test who suffered the worst pollution. Of the four modes of transport tested over the same route at the same time cycling fared best along with walking.

Car drivers suffered worst because the pollution becomes trapped in their cars giving them two or three times more exposure than walkers and cyclists.

The Ebike: The perfect Commuter vehicle?

The ebike has emerged as the perfect travel solution to beat the pollution crisis in urban areas. See below for the various reasons why e-bikes are the future of the transport in our cities:

  • With an average speed of 15 mph e-bikes are faster than cars whose average speed is only around 7 Mph in an urban environment.
  • Unlike standard bikes, e-bikes with up to 280% assistance, hills and distance travel become no problem at all.
  • Don’t arrive at work hot and sweaty
  • It’s easy to carry everyday items like laptops and shopping
  • E-bikes can use cycle lanes and quiet roads so you can avoid pollution

The Green Commute initiative can help you buy an E-bike

The Green commute initiative offers financial incentives to employees.

The initiative works similarly to the successful Cycle to Work Scheme and uses salary sacrifice to give the employees between 32 and 42% savings from the RRP and they also spread the cost over 12 monthly repayments.

Get in touch with your HR or CSR department at your work to find out more!

Are you an employer?

The Green Commute initiative offers substantial financial incentive to employers.

Employers can fund the Initiative themselves. They simply pay for the bikes. They get the investment back from the employee’s salary sacrifice plus they will save employers NI contributions of 13.8% of the bike price and most employers benefit from the Capital Allowance investment Allowance tax savings. All this add up to a ROI of 130%.

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Look out for upcoming events and many local initiatives by following the hashtag #greencommuteinitiative