The new Tern HSD Range for 2024
The new Tern HSD Range for 2024

The new Tern HSD Range for 2024

Smarter and stronger whilst still maintaining the perfect balance between a cargo hauler and compact city bike, the much loved Tern HSD has just got even better.

Taiwanese transport revolutionaries, Tern Bicycles, have become well known for their easy-to-ride and highly practical cargo bikes, and the HSD is their one child/dog/crate wonder.

The Tern GSD’s younger brother, the HSD’s purpose is to take the complex out of travelling from A to B with cargo. It’s a bike that lets you drop the little one off at school, commute to work, do the pick-up, and still be able to carry a few groceries back home in time for tea. Shorter than a normal bike and with a gross vehicle weight rating of 180kg, the HSD is small but mighty and this newest irritation only re-enforces (quite literally..) Tern’s dedication to building bikes that do the hard work for you. 

The refreshed line-up of HSD models continue to feature Tern's clever one-size fits all technology; the Tern Andros stem allows you to adjust the handlebars and find the right angle for you. This allows all members of family, ranging from heights of 150 - 195 cm to enjoy the HSD.

Tern HSD ebike

What’s new?

The new range of HSD models are equipped with an upgraded Atlas H Rack that can now carry up to 80kg, meaning you can transport both adults and small children around town. The aluminium frame and fork have been reinforced, with the frame being 15% stiffer at the headtube and 39% at the bottom bracket, creating a ride with better handling and smooth characteristics.

The biggest upgrades to the new HSD range are centered around 3 major changes to the bike's Bosch Ecosystem...

  1. The Bosch battery has been upgraded to the new 545Wh battery as standard, and there’s also the option to upgrade to a 725Wh battery.. a huge upgrade compared to the previous HSD model! Dependent on cargo, gradient and assistance mode, the 545Wh battery can provide up to 76 miles. 
  2. All 4 of Tern’s UK HSD models feature the new Bosch Performance Line motor, which has been boosted to provide up to 340% pedal assistance, an additional 13% on the previous Gen2 motor. The new Performance Line motor also has an additional 10 Nm of torque, providing an additional 75 Nm of torque to provide better assistance up hills, even when carrying cargo. 
  3. Perhaps the biggest change is the arrival of the Bosch Smart System; Bosch's answer to a fully integrated eBike system that lets you tailor your eBike to your needs. Working in harmony with the Bosch eBike Flow app, the Smart System allows you to automatically update the bike via your phone, use GPS navigation features via the display unit and unlock/lock the bike via your smartphone. The Bosch Connect Module is available with the HSD S00 and HSD S7i, allowing you to take advantage of security tracking and high-decibel alarm features. 

The latest Tern HSD range


tern hsd p10 gen2

The entry level new HSD module, the P10 features all the new upgrades, alongside the Shimano 10-speed Deore derailleur gearing system and the Bosch Intuvia display unit.


tern hsd p5i gen2 ebike

The P5i has the Shimano Nexus 5 Hub Gearing system which is operated via a twist shift stick on the handlebars. This model also features a Gates Carbon Belt Drive: a no dirt, no grease, no rust solution to a drive chain.


tern hsd s00 gen2 ebike

One of two S Line HSD models from Tern, the S00 is equipped with the Enviolo Heavy Duty Hub Gearing System, a Gates Carbon Belt Drive, the Bosch Connect Module as standard and the Kiox 300 display unit. A popular continuous gearing system, the Enviolo Hub allows you to change into an easier gear ratio, even when at a standstill at the traffic lights. 


The top of the range HSD, the S7i features all the bells and whistles of the S00 sees the arrival of Tern’s first application of a gear system from Nordic company Kindernay. The VII internally geared hub with Onesie hydraulic shift operator, is a durable system that’s a rival to the Rohloff systems and we’re excited to see how it performs. This HSD model comes in a smart brushed aluminium look. 

Written by Max J