First look at the Moustache Lundi 20 Compact eCargo Bike
First look at the Moustache Lundi 20 Compact eCargo Bike

First look at the Moustache Lundi 20 Compact eCargo Bike

Moustache have launched their Lundi 20 - a multi-usage eCargo bike with a variety of modular accessory options to tailor the bike exactly to your needs.

Moustache Lundi Launch

Move aside Tesla, there is a very special electric cargo bike coming to town. The much anticipated Moustache Lundi 20 promises to offer the ultimate solution to transport kids and cargo in day-to-day life.

We run through the key questions before the Lundi 20 arrives on our shores.


When are they due?

The first Lundi 20 drop is expected in January, 2022.

What’s new?

The Lundi 20 has been developed with hydroformed and extruded triple cavity tubes in the main frame for optimal stiffness and strength.

A new long tail format supports up to 70kg on the rear rack, with a host of compatible accessories, baskets and baby carriers that you can attach and detach easily with one click.

The 20″ wheels offer excellent manourverability when riding while the height of the telescopic seat can also be adjusted using controls on the handlebar. In addition, the Carbon Gates Belt drive guarantees minimal maintenance and is fully integrated for increased safety.

The Enviolo continuously variable gearing system will enable riders to easily change gears with a simple turn of the wrist, whether you are pedalling or not.

Schwalbe Pick-Up 20x2.35 cargo specific tires, support heavy loads of up to 125 kg per tyre.

The M shaped handlebar creates an upright and comfortable riding position, and the wiring is all neatly integrated for a minimal and tidy finish.

What are the differences between the 4 Lundi 20 models?

There are 2 base models available - the Lundi 20.3, and Lundi 20.5.

The 20.3 features a traditional Shimano Deore 10-speed derailleur gearing system.

The Lundi 20.5 houses the Enviolo continuously variable transmission in combination with a Carbon Gates belt drive, instead of a regular bicycle chain. This offers a quieter ride, lower maintenance over time and the ability to change gear while stationary - which is handy when stopping and starting a lot in the city.

Both base models have the Dualbattery option for an additional £900, doubling the capacity from 500Wh to 1000Wh. You can use the Bosch Range Calculator to estimate your range based on the variables of battery capacity, load weight, power mode, terrain and more.


A wide array of useful accessories are coming with the Lundi 20. Prices and exact details are will be announced soon.


Moustache Lundi 20.3

Moustache Lundi 20.3 DUAL

Moustache Lundi 20.5

Moustache Lundi 20.5 DUAL