Benelli Foldecity vs. Brompton

In recent years, commuters have been looking for greener and more pleasant alternatives to driving or catching public transport. The need for a compact and practical solution to this desire produced the folding bicycle, later developed by brands such as A2B and Benelli into the folding e-bike. But aside from their ability to be folded up for easy storage and transport, how do the folding bicycle and the folding e-bike compare?


The Brompton 

Here at Fully Charged, we wanted to see how our entry level folding e-bike, the Benelli FoldeCity, stacks up against the Brompton folding bicycle. The main aspects of each bike are rated out of 5 below, with a final score at the end of the article.


Both models offer a small and light total weight compared to larger versions of bicycles and e-bikes. Less frame means you’ll make a smaller total shape when riding, boosting your aerodynamic profile and therefore making your efforts go further. However, thanks to the Benelli’s compact and cannily placed Samsung battery, the Foldecity can hit a maximum assisted top speed of 15.5mph. The extra weight of the battery is rendered null and void by the extra power given whilst you ride, meaning you can coast at a quicker speed than other small folding bikes. If you’re feeling fit, you can go beyond this 15.5mph limit by pedalling harder, taking you to an enviable top speed.




The Benelli Foldecity


Naturally, the addition of a 4kg battery on to a bike frame is noticeable when riding the Benelli Foldecity without power assistance. Whereas the Brompton offers an extremely light ride, the housing for the Benelli’s battery requires a more robust and durable frame. However, once using the pedal assistance, this extra weight is barely noticeable. To this end, until you let the power on the Benelli run out, the performance of each e-bike when taking weight into the equation is indistinguishable.




Without factoring additional extras for either model, both the Foldecity and the Brompton have excellent prices – £799 and £775 respectively. The extra £24 for the Benelli Foldecity covers a few more components than the Brompton, notably mudguards and the electric motor & battery. However, thanks to a change in recent government legislation and the surge in popularity for cycling, the Cycle to Work Scheme has really developed in the last few years. Through our Cycle to Work Scheme operator, you can save a considerable amount by using this great initiative – up to £1000 in some cases! The Benelli Foldecity is available from just £39 a month, cheaper than most public transport travel cards. For more information on our money-saving Cycle to Work Scheme, check out our dedicated page:



Ease of Folding

The main benefit of having a folding bicycle is just that, being able to collapse the bike into a small, compact package. The speed and ease at which you can fold a bike is one defining factor that sets both the Benelli Foldecity and the Brompton apart as market leaders. Both can be folded up in under a minute, using two unique methods to do so. The Foldecity uses two main clips; one on the main frame and the other on the bottom of the steerer tube, whereas the Brompton uses one main clip and a moveable wheel to collapse. Both are highly effective and practical methods, proving that these are two of the best folding solutions out there for consumers.



Total Scores:



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