Bosch Launch new eMtb Mode for Performance CX Motors

Bosch have just released a new mode for their Performance CX eBike System, specifically for eMtb’s. The Performance CX is their most powerful and sophisticated system and this update once again shows why Bosch are viewed by many ask market leaders when it comes to eBike system tech.

The new mode replaces the old Sport mode and importantly provides a variable level of power based on the amount of pressure the rider places on the pedals. This new mode will provide less power than the old Sport mode when the rider is applying less pressure to the pedals but crucially significantly more power when the rider is pedaling hard.

This should help provide riders with just the right amount of power at all times and improve performance.

The new system will be available from July. However if you already have the Bosch Performance CX system you will be able to update by coming into store and having the update applied by one of our qualified technicians.

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