Pedal & Spoke vs Fully Charged

Dear eBikers.

We at Fully Charged have some exciting news, and not just eNews, but something of a merger between two forces. Ben, founder of Fully Charged eBike company and Howard, founder of Pedal and Spoke selling Santa Cruz mountain bikes, have come up with a plan that will go a long way to bridging the dividing line between their respective products. This came about when Ben finally persuaded Howard to back an initiative that would give eBikers and the eCurious open access to Howard’s team of professional staff and in doing so the chance to rent or test ride an ebike on some of the best trails in the Surrey Hills.

Ben and Howard have been friends from school with both finding their futures in two wheels. Initially a sceptic, Howard sees a big future for eBikes and is now somewhat of a convert. This is more than just a crossroads in ethos. It has become very clear on all sides that going uphill can be as much of a challenge as going down. This new-wave of thinking in off-road eBikes expels the notion that the battery pack is not just a lazy option, but something of a power-up giving riders the scope for a full day of biking.

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