Raleigh eBike Range 2018

Raleigh eBike Range 2018

If you asked 50 members of the general public to name a bike brand, we reckon a fair amount of them would answer ‘Raleigh’ first. The brand has been around since 1885 and is now producing a wide range of electric bikes. In this article we shall be running down the Raleigh eBike range 2018.

The Raleigh eBike range has undertaken a couple of changes for 2018, starting firstly with the naming. Still sitting at the entry level is the Array – a great priced hub motor powered eBike with a rack mounted 300Wh battery. At £1100 if you are looking for a modestly priced eBike to give you a boost riding around town, this might be the one!

Raleigh eBike Range 2018 - Motus

Raleigh Motus

The Captus no longer features in the range. It has been replaced by the Motus. Making this the entry level Bosch system in the Raleigh eBike range 2018. Equipped with an Active Line motor and a 300Wh battery which will provide up to 75 miles of assisted travel. The Motus is ideal for those who’s normal rides include flatter surfaces and shorter distances! The Motus comes in step through and cross bar styling, with derailleur gearing.

Overall this is a fantastic bike for individuals looking for a bit more assistance in pulling away and getting going.

Like the Captus of 2017. The Motus does not include integrated lights, a feature which becomes standard as we move up the Raleigh eBike range 2018.

Raleigh Motus Tour

Sticking with the classic Raleigh shape, we move up the Raleigh eBike range to the Motus Tour. The more eBike savvy of you will recognise this electric bike as the Motus of 2017. The Tour variant upgrades the Bosch systems a little and therefore would be more suited to someone with a longer commute. Or those who ride longer distances at a faster pace. Featuring a 400Wh battery your top end range will increase to around 110 miles. Once again, the Motus Tour comes in a low step or crossbar frame with the option of hub or derailleur Shimano gearing. Sitting at just under £2000 this is a fantastic entry level Bosch eBike!

Raleigh eBike Range 2018 Gran Tour

Raleigh Motus Grand Tour

Completing the Raleigh eBike Range 2018 and sitting at the top of the table is the Motus Grand Tour. Raleigh has upgraded the aesthetics for the Grand Tour. Attaching the battery to the seat tube of the low step model takes your eyes away from the rack, and on to the curves of the frame! A semi-integrated battery on the closed frame eBike brings the Motus Grand Tour more in line with other 2018 Bosch eBikes by streamlining the look.

Also included on the Grand Tour is a Bosch Active Line Plus motor. Riders will feel minimal resistance when pedalling past 15.5mph, making this an excellent motor for those looking to give their fitness a boost and travel at slightly faster speeds!

Also featured in the Raleigh eBike range 2018 is the Stow-E-Way folding eBike, the Shimano powered Strada. The adventure eBike, a Shimano powered Mustang. All are available to test ride from our Bermondsey Street showroom. Along with the rest of our wide range of demo eBikes! For more info give the team a call on 0207 111 0977.Raleigh eBike Range 2018

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