Supercharger and New Charger,

As of today, TfL has launched their platform. The site is designed to  pair up those looking purchase an eBike with eBike retailers, and Fully Charged is featured!

To view our range of eBikes most suited for city riding, click here!

Encouraging those who wouldn’t normally put their bum on a saddle and cycle is a task which eBikes were built for! Now TfL and the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) has teamed up to help promote this valid calling and encourage more people to cycle – introducing!

As a Fully Charged regular, you may already know of the benefits riding an eBike can bring. For the rest of London’s 8 million strong population, this is still a secret.

By 2041, the Mayor of London hopes for 80% of trips in London to be made on foot, bicycle, or public transport. One key factor in helping to achieve this goal is the increased use of eBikes, which from February will be promoted via the website –

The site will be a one-stop shop of eBike information – where customers can find out where they test ride, find out about different models and where eBikes can be purchased from.

Fully Charged will be active on this website, promoting our services, finance deals and any offers which might be running at the time!

To ensure the smaller independent bicycle dealers are getting a fare slice of the pie the ACT stepped in on all of our behalves. This is why all independent cycling shops in London should register on

We believe this is a vital initiative for the city’s health and long-term future. Not only can individuals play their part to cut car based single occupancy journeys. Businesses can utilise clean, sustainable transport solutions for deliveries and journeys. This is why we are behind this scheme 100% and will be doing our all to promote the advantages of cycling an electric bike in the city!

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