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eBike Safety: Top three products for improving on-road security

At one point in their life, everyone’s mum has enforced a cycling helmet rule on them. As an active child, someone always looking for something to climb up or jump off, this was probably one that saved me a few times, and proved to be a worthwhile accessory to wear. Studies suggest that crashing with a helmet on reduces the risk of serious head injury by 70%, a favourable statistic to have on your side. This week we go in search of three other accessories that swing the balance of eBike safety statistics in your favour.


In Australia it is illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet, with the penalty being a maximum fine of $319 (£182). Some might say this deters people from riding their bike, as they don’t have the freedom to choose. Others might say it is rule we should enforce in the UK. We are not here to question, only offer a solution.

With the current 40+ degree heat our Australian friends are experiencing right now, wearing a helmet could be a little bit sticky! One solution to this sweaty situation could be the Hovding. This gadget looks like it came straight from a James Bond film. Consisting of a collar and an airbag that inflates when the sensors detect a change in the rider’s movements. This should be pretty much instantaneously as the riders movements are being measured 200 times per second! When activated the Hovding becomes more protective than a helmet, reducing the risk of concussion by up to eight times.

While riding an electric bike, your cruising speed is likely to be more towards the Chris Hoy side of the scale than on a traditional push-bike. Providing three times better shock absorption than your normal helmet, wearing Hovding will put you to the top of the eBike safety class!

Results from one study found that 16% of respondents would ride more often if they were not required to wear a helmet at all times. Unfortunately for the Aussies, because the Hovding is secured by a zip and not a clasp it does not class as an acceptable helmet… One quick change of policy and there might be more eBike riders down under.


Our next eBike safety increasing accessory on the list is one for reminding other road users of your intentions on the road… Hand signalling will always hold its place on the road while cycling. But what about when it is dark, or you’re transporting precious cargo and unable to take a hand off the bars?

Controlled via a wireless remote on the handlebars, the Blinkers system provides left or right signals and a brake light.  An accelerometer detects braking and automatically engage the red light. For those who are sick of having their space encroached while on the road, the laser Blinker projects a semi circle on to the road. Reminding motor vehicle drivers that they obliged to give us cyclists 1.5m of space…

On eBikes such as the Coboc ONE Soho or the Gocycle that do not come with inbuilt lights, Blinkers provides a practical and well-styled lighting solution while reaffirming your position on the road!

Blinkers light for bike safety


While cycling, it would never be my preference to listen to music. I’d rather use my full hearing capacity for identifying potential hazards on the road around me. While some may agree, others might spend more time on that saddle than I do or not find it such a distraction. For those in the middle of this debate, Bragi has created a solution…

To conquer this inability to hear what’s around you, The Dash Pro from Bragi features an ‘audio transparency’ setting. Turning this on allows you to hear the world around you. From cars to lairy pedestrians, you will be in tune with your surroundings, while taking nothing away from your tunes… Switching this feature off will take you back in to your own world. Away from the joys of London’s streets.

This is not the only eBike safety improving feature the in The Dash Pro’s arsenal. Connecting to your phone in seconds, these fully wireless ear pods allow you to answer calls or change the track simply with the nod of your head. Allowing your hands to always remain firmly planted on the bars for maximum control.

bragi ear pods and case for ebike safety

There are many other devices which can improve eBike safety, from rear view mirrors to high visibility jackets. These three are purely a pick of the offerings at the more high spec end! We believe riding an eBike is safer than its non assisted counterparts (explained further in another blog post). If you still have reservations about your road safety, visit our showroom and see how an eBike can boost cycling confidence!

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