The Ultimate Electric Bike Transmission – E-14 Rohloff

Fresh for 2018, the electronic Rohloff E-14 shifting system sets a new benchmark for electric bike transmission. Synchronizing perfectly with the mid-motor Bosch eBike system, the E-14 operates the critically acclaimed Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.

One push of a button and you’ll be quickly transformed into the next gear, with the Bosch display showing exactly what gear you’re in. When shifting, the Rohloff E14 automatically reduces motor derived force upon transmission for ultimate efficiency and minimal chance of malfunction.

Holding down the button will allow you to do multiple shifts at one time. In addition, when the bike is stationary, the E-14 system will automatically shift to a pre-programmed gear to start off again. Urban riders, Mountain riders and leisure riders can reap the benefit of a unique, fast and failure-free gearing system.


With 14 real gears, a total gear range of 526% and the highest efficiency of any bicycle gear hub, the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 forms a fantastic basis for premium Bosch eBikes. Now, thanks to E-14, you can shift this legendary transmission electronically.

The E-14 compromises of 2 core parts, the electronic shifter, which is located on the left-side of the handlebar and the SPEEDHUB mounted shifter unit.

The secret to the brilliance of the E-14 lies in the ultra-fast, 180ms shift speed combined with an instantaneous drop in output torque of the Bosch motor. This is a statistic unmatched in the eBike world.

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