What’s new for Bosch E-Bike systems in 2017

2015/16 saw the launch of the more powerful and upgraded motor – the Performance Cx. For the 2016/17 season there is no major new motor news. That being said Bosch have been working on a number of different improvements through dealer and customer feedback which will have a good impact on the performance of all three of their motor systems (Active, Performance &  Performance Cx).

Purion Display

One of the major upgrades is the addition of the Purion display. This is the third screen in their range adding to the already successful Intuvia and Nyon options. The aim of this display is to simplify riding further thanks to a much smaller and slicker design, only the information you really need is displayed during riding. The Purion will sit where the normal power controller unit would have been as this acts not only as an information display but also as the controller. All of the same ride information is available as on the Intuvia,  this is just the simplified version.

Dual Battery

An exciting new development for the long distance rider is the new dual battery option. From 2017 some manufacturers will be designing bikes to incorporate a second battery which simply doubles your range. Unfortunately for current Bosch bike owners that would love to add a second battery and I know there are many, because of complicated software the bike has to be specifically designed to accept two battery, it is not an option that can be retro fitted.

Software Updates

There are going to be a number of new software updates for all Bosch owners. The best of which only applies to Nyon owners because as of August 2017 there will be a new interface giving better and more clear information than previous versions.  A big upgrade for the Nyon is the compatibility with all Esholt solutions. Whereas before just the Intuvia could work with the Shimano, Nuvinci and Sram electronic gearing, the Nyon now has the same capability.

Also with the new software you will be able to export ride data that was not an option before and it will have improved navigation of rides and the ability to zoom into maps.

Do not fear, for all Bosch performance owners there will also be an August update to improve the motor dynamics in the two higher power modes, sport and Turbo.

Compact Charger

2017 will also see the addition of a second,  more compact charger to their range. This 2a charger (standard charger is 4a) is 40% smaller and lighter making it a great option for touring when space is at a premium.


even in a year when they aren’t releasing a new motor, Bosch have shown us that they are not relaxing with what they have but driving all aspects around what they have already produced. so there is plenty to keen current Bosch owners very happy and plenty to look forward to in the coming months.

5 thoughts on “What’s new for Bosch E-Bike systems in 2017”

  1. I have the AM800 e-bike with Nyon.
    If there is a shock during riding, the moter stops or power is turned off.
    Turn it off then on again.
    I am using it in Korea.

  2. I would like to download updates too. is there some way to convert my US spec to the German / Euro spec that enables the walk button?

    1. Hi,

      To download updates and convert the US spec to the German / Euro spec, you will need to take the bike into a Bosch authorised shop and they can carry it out.

      Fully Chargd

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