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Best Women’s Electric Bikes – The Fully Charged Picks

In 2018, we are seeing electric bike manufacturers create more women’s electric bikes than ever before.

From classic dutch style bikes, to specifically designed women’s eMTB’s. The Fully Charged Picks consist of models based on quality, specification and value.

So, what are the differences in a women’s e-bike? Generally speaking, they have a refined geometry with narrower handlebars, a lower step-over, shorter stem and shorter top tube.

If you’ve not had the drive to jump on a bike and enjoy the great outdoors. An e-bike may just be the answer. Read on for our picks of women’s urban e-bikes and eMTBs available from Fully Charged.

Moustache Samedi 27 Trail 4 W

First on our list of women’s electric bikes is the Samedi 27 Trail 4 W. Kitted out with features such as the Bosch Performance CX motor and a 400Wh battery, no climb will be too steep or ride cut short from lack of power!

You might ask what the difference is between an eMTB and one which is ‘women’s specific’ – when talking about the Trail 4 W, the key differences are in the geometry. Narrower handle-bars at 700mm make for a more controlled ride, while the stem is slightly shorter at 50mm. A key reason for this is to decrease the length between the saddle and the bars, once again leading to increased control, as the rider is not stretching uncomfortably to hold the bars.

Haibike Sduro HardLife 6.0

Our next women’s specific eMTB is built by Haibike, one of the world’s largest eBike manufacturers. From trekking frames to extreme downhill bikes, it’s all in the Haibike range!

Another testament to how seriously this market is being taken, the HardLife 6.0 comes equipped with Bosch’s Performance CX motor and a top of the range 500Wh InTube battery.

The geometry of the HardLife 6.0 comes in a little bit smaller than the non-women’s specific models in the Haibike range. The reasoning for this is similar to the Trail 4 W: increased control and handling while navigating the tougher sections of the ride. Also similarly to the Moustache, the battery is tucked into the downtube, lowering the centre of gravity, and adding to the performance.

Haibike Sduro FullLife 6.0

The next contender in our top women’s electric bikes category once again comes from Haibike. This time powered by a Yamaha PW-SE motor. The FullLife 6.0 is kitted out in a similar way to the HardLife, with one key difference – a rear shock. Fitted with a RockShox Recon rear dampener, the full suspension of this womens electric bike provides enhanced comfort when speeding down the trails!

Powering you back up the hill you just stormed down is the Yamaha PW-SE motor. New for 2018 this system has many of the features of the PW motor and now includes a higher cadence at 110rpm. As this is a sporty womens eBike, it will come with the ‘Black Spec’, which provides a ‘powerful feeling from the beginning’ – this is the standard on non-urban eBikes.

Haibike Sduro FullLife 7.0 LT

women's electric bike haibike

The FullLife 7.0 LT is one for the extreme ladies out there! This full-suspension women’s specific geometry eMTB features a longer travel front fork (150mm) allowing the rider to conquer a huge variety of terrain.

As with other women’s electric bikes in our picks, the FullLife 7.0 LT is equipped with the Bosch Performance CX motor and a 500Wh battery.

Riese & Muller New Charger Mixte

New Charger Mixte Womens electric bike

Although you wouldn’t want to take the New Charger Mixte on the most extreme mountain biking trails it would be suited to light off road riding. The Mixte is the open frame version of the New Charger, allowing for easier mount and dismount from the eBike.

At Fully Charged we see Riese & Muller as the Rolls Royce of the electric bike world. This is ever bit as obvious in the Mixte – fantastic ride feel, top of the range components and a great geometry. This is the one for the lady who likes to cruise in style.

Moustache Lundi

Moving further away from the eMTBs and into the women’s electric bikes, we come to the Lundi. This nippy step-through is built for the ultimate urban lady. A rigid front fork means this rider is not a fan of mud or rough surfaces and just wants to cruise. Great for getting around town, popping to the shops or purely leisure riding, visit us in store for your test ride!

Full-Suspension or Hard-tail

Two of the three women’s electric bikes in this list have been full suspension, with one a hard-tail. So which one is best for you?

Your riding style is the answer to this one. Hard tail bikes are generally seen as a better bike for smoother trails, climbing and general riding on flatter surfaces. If you are looking to push yourself miles out of your comfort zone, descend more hills and generally ride a bit more technical terrain, full suspension is the one!

Whichever style of women’s electric bike you are looking for, our best suggestion would be to try a few bikes to really get a feel for the characteristics. From the Fully Charged showroom we can help you find your perfect e-bike!

2 thoughts on “Best Women’s Electric Bikes – The Fully Charged Picks”

  1. Please can you give me guidance on which bike I should be looking at to give me maximum support with cycling when I need it.iv had an illness and my energy depleats rapidly.

    1. Hi Gillian,
      Thanks for your enquiry, and sorry for the delayed response.
      Most of our eBike are pedal assisted, meaning the motor kicks in when you move the pedals. The levels of assistance can be changed meaning you do more work, or the motor does. A few have a throttle system, allowing you to effectively twist and go. The style of bike really comes down to your criteria – for example, do you have storage restrictions, will you be going off road, etc etc.
      Our best advice would be to give the team a call (0207 111 0977) , or if you’re local, visit the showroom!

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