Please note that we currently only service and repair eBikes that have been bought from Fully Charged. This is to make sure we give our customers a five star service as we continue to grow our business.

We have certified and experienced eBike technicians on hand to offer specialist support to any Fully Charged customer. Our cente, only 100 metres away from our flagship showroom in London Bridge, is equipped with the latest tools and core components so you can be confident your bike will be turned around as quickly as possible.

Please note it's a minimum labour charge of £15.

Bronze Service

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A PDI level service for your eBike, which includes safety check, minor adjustments only and lubrication.


Price £45

Silver Service

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All components will be cleaned, adjusted, lubricated and polished with silicone free polish. If there are any major parts that need replacing we will contact you before going ahead. The Silver Service is the recommended annual service for your eBike.


Price £80

Golden Service

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Your eBike is stripped to its bare frame and components are removed, overhauled and refitted, complete with any adjustments that might be required. This is recommended if your bike is in need of real TLC!


Price £180

Gocycle Bespoke Service

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Due to the uniqueness of a Gocycle and that it has its own unique motor and battery system, we ask that all Gocycle customers book their service here. Please note if there is an electric fault with your motor servicing will take more than 24 hours.

Price £65

eCargo Bespoke Service

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eCargo services will typically be more expensive than regular servicing, and cost anywhere between £120-£250 depending on the type of servicing. Please note if there is an electric fault with your motor servicing will take more than 24 hours.

Price Variable

Free Six Week Health Check

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When you buy a new bike from us, and you’ve been riding it for up to six weeks, we’ll give it a free health-check and make sure that everything’s running smoothly. 6 weeks of use on a bike is a ‘bedding in’ period. This is to allow for things to settle and ensure that the bike functions correctly. If the bike has been used for a longer period, the checks carried out on the bike at the free 6-week check-up are redundant.

Price Free

Warranty Repair

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At Fully Charged we offer a two year warranty on the motor and on the bike should it not function as originally described or intended. During this time, if your bike or motor is faulty (ie it cannot be used), we will take responsibility for repairing or replacing a faulty product, as necessary. We only give loan bikes to customers with warranty repair issues and this comes with a proof of purchase.

Price Free


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A repair to a particular part varies in price. Please have a look at our price list below.

Price Variable

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