Cycle To Work Schemes

Here at Fully Charged, we work with a number of cycle scheme providers to help make the purchase of your new eBike and accessories more affordable. Cycle schemes allow you to make a tax-free purchase, saving up to 47%, by paying for the eBike and accessories out of your pre-tax salary. Better still, being a salary sacrifice scheme, the payments are taken out of your salary over an extended period (usually 12 months) meaning you get to spread the costs also!

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Bike2Work Scheme
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Green Commute Initiative
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Ride 2 Work

How does it work?

For the best eBike experience, we recommend booking an appointment. This way you can have a dedicated time slot to try multiple eBikes and navigate the range with a member of the Fully Charged team. Once you've found an eBike you love, we can provide a quote for you in order to obtain your cycle scheme voucher.

step 1
Icon for talk to your employer
talk to your

Check with your employer to see if they have a scheme in place

step 2
Icon for find the right ebike
find the right
ebike for you

Get a quote for your new eBike and accessories from Fully Charged

step 3
Icon for submit your quote
submit your quote
to your employer

Your employer will contact the cycle scheme and arrange the salary sacrifice

step 4
Icon for get voucher
get your

You employer will be provided with a voucher for your total order value

step 5
Icon for riding new ebike
start riding your
new ebike

Present your voucher to Fully Charged and collect your discounted order

No Scheme? No Worries!

If your employer does not yet have a cycle scheme in place, but is open to the idea, our friends at the Green Commute Initiative would love to help. It’s very simple to set up and the employer wins too – saving 13.8% on the voucher price – an amazing return on investment!

Fees Example

Different schemes are structured differently. The Green Commute Initiative does not charge a final payment, but others do – so please check your scheme carefully. You may be subject to an additional charge at the end of your agreement. All scheme providers charge Fully Charged a subsidy for acting as middle-man in the transaction. with some schemes, we have to charge an administrative fee:

Green Commute = 0% charge
Cycle Scheme = 0% charge
Bike 2 Work = 5% charge
Ride 2 Work = 6% charge

It’s important to point out that Fully Charged only aims to cover its costs - but you still make big savings!

Riese and Müller Tinker Vario 2020
Riese & Müller Tinker Vario 2020


£50.49 per month with our finance

  • Bike Value £6,619
  • EBike Cost £4,500.92
  • Admin Fee £330.95
  • Total Saving £1781.13
Riese and Müller Delite GT Rohloff
Riese & Müller Delite GT Rohloff


£50.49 per month with our finance

  • Bike Value £6619
  • EBike Cost £4500.92
  • Admin Fee £330.95
  • Total Saving £1781.13

*Note: eBikes cost has been calculated based on 32% tax payer, which is the minimum saving under PAYE. You could save 32%, 42% or even 47% depending on your tax rate!