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Riese & Müller is recalling its Packster 70 cargo bike back to the factory due to a technical problem with the function of the cable steering. If you have a Riese and Müller Packster 70, you must not use it any further.

Words By Oli Roblin


On the 8th of October, Riese and Müller made the difficult decision to recall all of the Packster 70 range to their factory. This includes all models bought from the start of production up to the 6th October 2021.

Riese and Muller have currently stopped production of the product with immediate effect. If you own a Packster 70 you must not use it any further. 

Riese and Muller has identified a problem with the cable steering that can severely affect the handling of the Packster 70 and to ensure the safety of all owners, the model has been recalled and removed from the product portfolio until further notice.The team at Fully charged have contacted all affected Packster 70 owners to relay this urgent information.

For years now Riese and Müller have been a pioneer and innovator in eBike manufacturing and the team at Fully Charged hold them in the highest regard. Recalling a whole line of models to their factory in Mühltal, Germany is no simple decision, is a huge logistical operation and will come at a significant personal cost to their business. However, we do understand that this is a decision that will affect all owners but it does show Riese and Muller’s exemplary level of care to their product and concern for customer wellbeing.

If you have any further questions surrounding your Riese and Muller Packster 70, please contact recall@r-m.de. A team of experts will be happy to deal with your concerns.

We shall continue to update this blog post as and when more information becomes available

We at Fully Charged know more than anyone the positive impact that eCargo bikes have on people's day to day lives, as well as businesses. We continue to stock a wide variety of cargo bikes for family and business use across the world’s leading brands. We will therefore try our hardest to facilitate an alternative for our customers.

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Words By Oli Roblin