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Fully Charge your Workforce

Fully Charged Corporate provides economically efficient eBike transportation solutions for businesses. Our global sales and service network offers company ebike users the best possible levels of support and care.

If you are based in London feel free to visit the Fully Charged showroom at 37 Bermondsey Street in the heart of the city of London for a free test ride and consultation or alternatively we can arrange for one of our sales representatives to come to you.


Why should my business use eBikes?

Electric bikes are not only easy to use and carbon neutral they will also save you money. Cars, vans, mopeds and motorbikes can cost some businesses thousands of pounds a month in fuel, parking tickets and maintenance. However, eBikes now offer a highly competitive alternative.

Electric Bikes not only are they carbon neutral and simple to operate they also cost as little as a few pounds a day to run. This means electric bikes can offer major savings to many businesses.

By using electric bikes, businesses can:

Mobilise Your Workforce

eBikes are a great way to reduce Travel costs, specially parking tickets, as well as a quick way to zig and zag out of the London Trafic.

Make your company Green

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by switching to electric bikes, and make an impact into the world!

Improve your staff’s 
health &wellbeing

You can increase your staff’s productivity by reducing the absent days.

Increase your 
Brand Visibility

With our service of Bike Branding, all your e-bikes can become a moving advertising 
for your brand at no extra cost!

Finance & Servicing for Corporate

Financing your E-Bikes

Our fleet program is available through Finance Leasing, the Cycle to Work scheme, or any combination of these. Unlike other cycle scheme providers, we do not lock you into a long-term exclusive contract and we can also provide bikes to individual employees on an agreed basis. These e-bikes can be used for business or pleasure; HMRC do not levy payment in kind taxes on employers or employees.

Fully Charged Corporate can also provide:

  • Short term lease and capital purchases
  • On-site user training and servicing
  • Private sector sponsorship packages
  • Secure data-logging and real-time GPRS tracking
  • Off-grid solar charging stations
Services & Extras

We can provide full onsite servicing with our mobile workshop operated by our technical department and also have fantastic workshop facilities at our HQ in central London where we can carry out any warranty work.

We can also build you custom removable luggage boxes for your business should you need to carry around a small/lighter load or, for larger/heavier loads, we offer a fantastic range of Cargo E-bikes such as the Riese and Müller Load.

Our corporate sales are achieving significant financial savings for businesses, and a means of encouraging staff and the wider community towards a future built on sustainable transport. To find out more just give us a call on 0207 1110977.

Fully Charged Corporate Picks

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