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London’s leading electric bike retailer has gone online and appointment only. Book a consultation with one of our specialists.

Here at Fully Charged we remain committed to providing efficient, green transport solutions never more so than now. Today we switch focus, redoubling our efforts to help keep our Key Workers and others mobile during these difficult times, as public transport systems are reduced - with expert advice, support and service.

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Book a time to talk
Use our online booking system to book a time to talk to a member of our team via phone or video call. By providing information about your requirements our team can prepare options for you.
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Talk to our team
Talk to one of our eBike specialists about what sort of eBike would be best for you, and learn about the latest eBikes that would fit your needs.
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Buy or try an Ebike
After your consultation our specialists will send you a list of recommendations and helpful information so you can buy the right eBike or schedule a test ride.