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Tern the Page - the 2019 Vektron range

Tern has consistently impressed with their eBike offering. The launch of the GSD earlier in 2018 lead to many a young family to move away from polluting fossil fuels to clean pedal assisted power. Following on from the success of the GSD, Tern’s folding eBike has undergone a few modifications for 2019. Making one of the best folding eBikes on the market, even better!

The range of motor options on the Vektron has increased, while other elements of the eBike have been tweaked to improve the performance. Featuring on the three Bosch powered Vektron models is a reclined battery housing. Allowing for a lower centre of gravity, resulting in a more controlled ride. The battery on the Bosch powered Vektrons now comes as standard as a 400Wh providing assistance between 30 and 60 miles!

Vektron S10

First up is the Vektron S10 – the key upgrade to note here is the fitting of Bosch’s Active Line Plus motor. This super quiet and resistance free motor allows the rider to push past the 15.5mph assistance limit with ease. Providing assistance during the crucial periods, for example while pulling away. For the speedier rider the assistance will take them up to 15.5mph, and pedalling through this is an easy process!

Vektron Q9

Coming out of the box with a 400Wh battery and reclined placement of said PowerPack. The Q9s key point of difference is the Active Line rather than the Plus motor. The naming conventions give a clue as to the gearing systems featured on the Vektron range – 9-speed on the Q9 as opposed to 10 on the S10. The Vektron Q9 also will come in blue.

Vektron P7i

The third model in the 2019 Vektron range is the P7i. Following the naming convention, this model has a 7-speed Shimano gearing system, with the ‘i’ presumably standing for ‘internal’. Hub gearing systems are known for their low maintenance and long life span. With far fewer parts exposed, be this to the elements or other pedals in the bike stand, the expectancy of usage is greatly increased.

Vektron D8

Debuting the first of its kind, Tern has created a Vektron that isn’t powered by Bosch! Swapping out Active Line for the Bafang M400 drive system on paper this seems like a good fight.. According to Bafang, the M400 motor unit provides up to 80Nm of torque – a massive amount for ay motor! Utilising a torque sensor and two speed sensors, the Bafang motor is an efficient and accurate system. Combined with a 400Wh Bafang battery, your predicted range will be between 25 and 60 miles. Also featured on the Vektron D8 is an 8-speed Shimano cassette, front and rear mudguards and the Tern Valo Direct integrated light, providing 150 lumens…

The new Tern range is expected to launch in the UK in early December. If you have any further questions, quires or would like to place an order, speak to the team via or 0207 111 0977.