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Who is the Vok XL suitable for?

The Vok XL electric cargo bike is suitable for any business that wants to transport goods in an eco-friendly and convenient way, whether that’s on public roads or cycle lanes in the UK.

With a 2000 litre cargo volume (2m3), this four-wheel quadracycle has a 200kg payload, with riders being able to deliver high volumes of heavy cargo without breaking their back.

Effortless pedaling making the Vok XL electric cargo bike accessible to workforces of all ages and physical abilities.

Why Buy Vok

Estonian cargo bike manufacturer Vok is intending to implement real change for the rapid growth of cargo bikes through their innovative looking quadracycles, as they become true sustainable and economically viable alternatives for many van trips.

Vok has been engineered for longevity, with durability and rider comfort in mind. When compared to other four-wheeled competitors in this space, Vok’s benefits are obvious. Regenerative brakes remove the reliance on the brake discs and pads, reducing wear and extending service life. Independent suspension makes for a smoother journey both for rider and cargo. Chainless drive reduces maintenance requirements and downtime. And for the rider there’s an ergonomic bench-like seat in place of the usual bicycle saddle, a USB charging port and an all-important windscreen wiper for the Great British weather!

Vok XL eBike

“We are breaking new order records every day and we are excited to see that our customers appreciate the new service. We are looking forward to seeing the development of Mathem Express as an exciting part of Mathem’s growth journey.“

Sara Tranarp, Head of Business Development at Mathem

Key Features

The Vok XL electric cargo bike is pedal-powered, has four-wheels, and is classed as an electric bike by having a 250W motor and a top speed of 15.5mph (25km/h). As per any compliant electric bike, VOK quadracycles are permitted to be ridden on public roads and cycling lanes here in the UK, with the VOK XL having a width of 90mm. It has a standard range of at least 50km with a 2300Wh battery, but there is the option of DualBattery configuration to get the end-user to at least 100km.

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Vok XL

1. Supreme Comfort

Both suspension and 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive makes for a smoother journey both for rider and cargo. An ergonomic bench-like seat takes the place of the usual bicycle saddle, and a roof and a windscreen wiper for the Great British weather!

Vok XL Cargo eBike

2. Extra Space for Carrying Cargo

The VOK XL takes up to 2000 litres of volume and 200kg of payload, giving your business ample space for carrying cargo. With its wider rims and longer-lasting tires, you can rest assured that your cargo will be safely transported with ease.

Vok XL Cargo eBike Brakes

3. Regenerative Brakes and eABS

Regenerative braking extends the driving range and lifetime of the brakes. Traction control and eABS keep the rider in control of the vehicle in all weather conditions. All of these impressive features are in addition to the high-quality components and design that you expect from Vok.

Vok XL Cargo eBike side view

4. Wrapping

Wrapping is available, to make that Vok XL stand out from the madding crowd. You very own four wheeled cargo bike, with your very own company branding.

Vok XL Cargo eBike

5. Over-the-air updates

Integrated Internet of Things device provides over-the-air updates to Vok’s software.

Vok XL Cargo eBike GPS

6. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking offers extra peace of mind.






Top speed



up to 100km with DualBattery Configuration (500km as standard)







Vehicle mass


Driver maximum weight

One person up to 100kg

XL cargo compartment dimensions

1293mm (H) x 850mm (W) x 1502mm (D)



Recommended maximum payload



Lithium-ion rechargeable battery



Delivery & Aftercare

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*Free delivery does not include eCargo bikes. For eCargo bike delivery options, please get in touch.

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