2 of the UK's best electric folding bike
2 of the UK's best electric folding bike

2 of the UK's best electric folding bike

As urban populations rise, space decreases and the folding bike becomes even more important than ever. Folding electric bikes are great for portability in and out of the house as well as the office with a shorter wheel base than a standard bike they are much easier to live with. Here are two of the best bikes available coming into 2017, their statistics, pro’s & con’s.

Vrum Unica – £2250

The design and frame of the bike are inspired by principles that return to 70s Italian manufacturing to create an idea of urban minimalism.


The Unica EBike performs at its peak in urban environments whether on your daily commute or racing down an avenue at high speed. The Unica has been engineered to transform motion of your legs into enhanced speed through electrical assistance in the most efficient of ways. The Unica is always attempting to anticipate your next twist or turn as well as your accelerations and decelerations. If worst comes to worst after a 60 kilometre journey and you are left with no battery this light ebike will not create too much dead weight to manoeuvre.

  • Steel welded Frame
  • Weighs 13-14 kilos configuration dependent
  • Size when unfolded 150cm (W) X 65cm (H) X 25cm (D)
  • Size when folded 70cm (W) X 75cm (H) X 25cm (D)
  • Customizable via smartphone application
  • Optional kickstand
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Single Gear
  • Maximum saddle height of 97cm (58cm frame)
  • 250w motor
  • 50-60km range assisted by regenerative braking
  • Tektro Caliper brakes
  • 2-hour charge time in order to augment battery power to 80%
  • After a certain period of rest the motor automatically turns off.
  • Application designed for android and iOS processors is provided by Zehus.

A2B Kuo+ – £999

The A2B Kuo+ is very much “portable and practical”, a sleek aerodynamic and stylish design combined into a light foldable frame. The Kuo+ is the lightest A2B model, cables are concealed giving the bike a cleaner look.

The improved design and braking system enable you to ameliorate both your journey alternatives and your enjoyment.

  • Aluminum frame
  • Foldable
  • Pedal assist
  • 55km range
  • 36V Lithium Ion battery
  • 4-6 hour charge time
  • 250w motor
  • 25km/h top speed
  • Weighs 19.8 kilos
  • Integrated Rear rack
  • Integrated lights, run off the mains battery


The A2B is a great bike regardless of competition, its extra weight compared to that of the Vrum Unica is noticeable when manoeuvring, however the motor power compensates for this with more apparent and powerful acceleration than the Vrum Unica. The Vrum Unica a great bike whose style is superior to that of the A2B or anyother bike for that mater but it is reflected in the price. The difference in weight is quickly noticed when transporting the bike in its folded position. The power conversion is very smooth creating little disturbance in your journey giving an experience of fluid movement. No screen on the Vrum lets you focus on the important things and enjoy your ride, albeit that you’re left to guess on the battery for the most part. Like most bikes connected to an app, once you’ve made initial settings you’re unlikely to reopen the app regularly. Overall there is too little to separate between these two very compact and mobile cycles both subject of advantages and disadvantages, these little defects being heavily overshadowed by the numerous positive aspects of both cycles.

Experience the differences for yourself at the Fully Charged showroom where we have each model to test ride.

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