4 of the Best Electric Road Bikes
4 of the Best Electric Road Bikes

4 of the Best Electric Road Bikes

We take a closer look at the finest electric road bikes available for 2019, including the Coboc One Cycle, KTM Macina Flite Street, Moustache Dimanche Fitness 3 and Desiknio Urban.

To the uninitiated, the mention of eBikes may conjure visions of large bulky bikes, with big batteries and huge tyres. While it is true that an eBike is often larger than your conventional push bike, they can also be as sleek and often more visually impressive than their non e-counterparts.

While the traditional road bike may feature a double or triple crankset, the assistance provided by an eBike allows for a more relaxed gearing option. Being based in the heart of central London, the surrounding terrain is as flat as group of ‘thinkers’ believe the planet is. This makes it ideal terrain for sleek and single speed eBikes with a bit of assistance during pull away and while accelerating. However if your rides take you over more fluctuating terrain, a few of the eBikes in the following list will feature gears or have geared alternatives.


Although relatively new to the scene, Desiknios will have already turned many an onlookers head! Coming in two key styles (classic and urban) and with two gearing options (6-speed Pinion and single speed), the Desiknio caters to all styles of electric bike road riding.

Those looking for a predominantly leisure eBike, need look no further. For those in the market for a commuter, the Desiknio is best for journeys of around seven miles, any further and we might suggest a different drive system…

Both models run the eBike Motion system and will connect to your phone via Bluetooth and an app. For the riders pushing fitness levels and beating personal bests, the app will track your route and allow you to compare previous rides.

Although the battery is not removable for charging the Desiknios, its lightweight credentials make the eBike easy to bring to the wall socket for charging. The single speed and the Pinion models are 13 and 14.8 kilograms respectively. A range increasing battery is also available, doubling the battery capacity to 500Wh!

Dimanche Fitness 3

This Bosch Active Line Plus powered eBike was certainly built with leisure and training in mind. Lightweight, and sleek, in the style of a true road eBike, this eBike allows you to push your boundaries. Unfortunately the Fitness 3 2019 is out of stock with Moustache for the foreseeable future. Seems the weekend electric road bike riders had an insider tip!

Coboc ONE eCycle (F1)

If shaving the grams off your eBike is crucial, the Coboc ONE eCycle (F1) might be the electric road bike for you. At a miniscule 11kgs, this is as light if not as light as a wide range of non-electric commuters!

Keeping the weight down on the ONE eCycle F1 are a host of carbon fiber touches. Applied to the handlebars, saddle and forks these parts of the electric road bike remain incredibly strong, while saving weight.

Although we have not yet had a chance to test the ONE eCycle F1, from the component specs, we are excited! Transferring the power from pedals to rear wheel is a Gates Carbon belt drive train. Allowing you to wear your smarts while riding, this clean system is also very low maintenance.

Similar to the Desiknio range. The Coboc ONE eCycle (F1) features a 250W rear hub motor and is equipped with a 352Wh battery - assisting you up to 50 miles (conditions and rider dependent).

KTM Macina Flite Street 11

Moving back to crank powered eBikes and we come to the KTM Macina Flite Street 11. Coming out of the box with Bosch's Performance CX motor and 75Nm of torque. Back for 2019 and described by KTM as 'sleek and sporty', we’d have to agree. The drop bar and 11-speed Sram Apex gearing system help to ensure the look and feel of the eBIke is in line with the classic road bike style. While a splaying of the dropper bars in a cycle-cross style provides stability, positioning the handlebars lower than a traditional road bike adds comfort to the geometry, keeping you in the saddle for longer.

Utilising Bosch's PowerTube battery configuration, the 500Wh battery is integrated into the down tube with sleek precision, providing assistance between 25-75 miles. This keeps the down tube narrow, and the general public guessing whether or not an Olympian just passed them!

If you're looking for a leisure bike, commuter, or a bit of both, Fully Charged stocks London's widest range of eBike from the industry's best brands. Feel free to book a test ride, or get in contact

Written by Will