Introducing Bosch's new products for Model Year 2022
Introducing Bosch's new products for Model Year 2022

Introducing Bosch's new products for Model Year 2022

We welcome the new Bosch Smart System including the eBike Flow App, a new Kiox 300 display, an LED remote control unit, a 750Wh PowerTube battery and a new security feature to their 2022 products.

In what is considered by most as the best eBike system on the market, Bosch are always looking forward to the future in trying to provide the best in eBike technology for tomorrow’s riders. The German powerhouse has released a new smart, innovative and customisable system, which hopes to continue creating the eBike mobility of the future we want all of our customers to appreciate here at Fully Charged.

The new system consists of a brand new eBike Flow app, control unit, a display, a drive unit and a new 750Wh PowerTube battery (yipeee!) which ensures an individual eBike experience. Let’s take a deeper look at the new products, and what that will mean for all future Bosch disciples.

The eBike Flow App

bosch ebike system

‘Smart, forward-looking and customisable’

Arguably the biggest update comes in the brand new eBike Flow App. The app has been designed for its riders to have a uniquely connected experience with their eBike. Unlike previous generations, the eBike Flow app is the central connection to the eBike and the key to gaining the most interconnected ride. This is all possible with an ‘over-the air’ update solution, which keeps the eBike up to date and continuously enhances your experience with new innovative features. The app also lets you customise riding modes, records various activities automatically and integrates fitness apps such as Apple Health (need I say a moment of rejoicing for all those Apple watch users out there!).

One other added feature we like from the new eBike Flow app, is the fact that it records all of your rides. All you have to do is simply get on the eBike, pedal away, and the activities are recorded completely automatically .... who needs Strava, dare I say? The app bundles all information on the home screen, from the connection status of the eBike, to one’s next service appointment and the current charge status of the battery. It will also show the total mileage of the drive and how it is distributed among the different riding modes.

The function of the eBike Flow app is to make eBiking safer, smarter and more individualised.

The PowerTube 750Wh battery

bosch ebike system

‘Endring, elegant, reliable’

Enter Bosch’s new flagship and largest rechargeable battery ever made! The PowerTube 750 offers the maximum range in the current Bosch eBike battery portfolio and comes in at 4.4kg. It can be charged to 50% in just over two hours and fully charged in six hours using a standard 4A charger. For more information as to how far the new 750Wh battery can take you, feel free to visit the Bosch eBike range calculator here.

The Kiox 300 display

bosch ebike system

'Stylish, robust, clear'

Just from glancing at the content given to us by Bosch, you can see that the new Kiox 300 display provides a far cleaner look on the handlebar than its predecessor, and seems easier to read in any riding situation. You can optimise your training to your specification with the display, as all relevant fitness data can be displayed on the screen. With the eBike Flow app’s ‘over the air’ updates, the Kiox 300 always stays current. The buttonless colour display is controlled via a new LED Remote (see below) and is connected to the eBike Flow app. Using the display holder, the Kiox 300 can be ideally positioned on the handlebar according to the rider's preference.

The LED Remote Control Unit

bosch ebike system

‘Intuitive, innovative, ergonomic’

The new LED control unit looks like a neat, compact console that seems both simplistic and fun and to use with one’s thumb. Using different colours, the LEDs indicate the respective riding modes, which is easy to recognise while riding. As is the same with the new smart system, the remote is connected with the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth.

The Performance Line CX Drive Unit

bosch ebike system

‘Powerful, dynamic and individual’

Whilst the pedal assistance and torque stays the same for the Generation 4 Performance Line CX, one can now individually set the strength of support, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque from the motor in the eBike Flow app. This provides a far more personal experience, and makes journeys more adaptable to your own style of riding. There is also a new Tour+ riding mode, which provides more range on sporty rides thanks to increased effort on part of the eBiker.

Future Optimisation with the ConnectModule

bosch ebike system

The last thing to note is a glimpse into the future, and further developments in the area of theft protection. eBike models that are ConnectModule ready can be retrofitted with the ConnectModule in the future. This means that the eBike will be able to trigger an acoustic alarm to deter thieves and, in the event of theft, be tracked in the eBike Flow app. This is a potential landmark moment for all those who are conscious of the safety to their future eBike. It is reassuring to see Bosch putting security at the forefront of their innovations.

The CEO of Bosch eBike Systems Claus Fleischer has stated that ‘Digital features and services enrich the pedelec experience and are important for our mobile future in a connected world. With the smart system, we are taking another step towards the eBike mobility of tomorrow’.

We do not expect to see any of our eBikes with the new technology until at least March 2022, but we will be updating our product pages in the coming weeks with any models that do adopt the new smart system. Keep your eyes peeled!

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.