Fully Charged Spotlight: Riese & Müller Charger4
Fully Charged Spotlight: Riese & Müller Charger4

Fully Charged Spotlight: Riese & Müller Charger4

Why have an urban bike or rural bike when you can be both?

Blink twice and you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the Riese & Müller Charger4 is anything but a doppelgänger of its predecessor, the Charger3. And yet underneath its invisible cloak lies a wealth of new technology, designed to unleash the riders potential beyond that everyday commute.

Having spoken to the early adopters who’ve invested in the new product, as well as doing some internal in-depth handling of the bike in our latest review, it’s clear to see that the newest evolution of one of Riese & Müller’s best sellers has never been more multifaceted. Here we take a look at its new features.

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Bosch Smart System

The smart system is integral to all new future updates that Bosch will bring to the market, and points towards the digital future for all eBikes. The Charger4 is the very first in the Riese & Müller portfolio to adopt the switch. Unlike previous generations, the eBike Flow app, battery, display, control unit and drive unit are fully connected in the smart system, allowing for the rider to receive regular over-the-air updates to keep the Charger4 up to speed. Riese & Müller have seamlessly managed to accommodate the seven centimetre longer 750Wh PowerTube battery into its downtube.

The communication between the motor and battery now allows for a more customisable rider experience, as torque settings and power output levels can be adjusted to increase rider range; perfect for those long tours for weekend rides out.

Charger4 Cockpit

The cockpit on the Charger4 has been re-engineered. Gone is the first generation Kiox, and in is the new Kiox 300, a smart control centre that perfectly integrates into the handlebars and as ever with Riese & Müller, has clean cable routing. Thanks to the adjustable angle of the stem, the seating position can be adjusted to suit your needs. A rather swish LED Remote displays the key information at a glance for a simple and fast operation of the Charger4.

Comfort First

Comfort is not compromised with the Charger4, despite being a hard-tail. Whilst many do like the comfort of full-suspension when choosing a Riese & Müller, others do prefer the rigidity and sturdiness that comes with the Charger4. And yet, with a Cane Creek seatpost, uneven trails can still be encountered everywhere, whether that be on cobblestone city streets, as much as gravel paths and bridleways. Coupled with a 100mm Suntour suspension fork and bouncy balloon Schwalbe Super Moto-X tyres, the components offer so much comfort that you’ll barely feel any bumps.

Vario Gearing

Whilst you can get the Charger4 in a derailleur set up, we would recommend belt drive. Unlike chains that require frequent oiling and cleaning, the belt can largely be ignored. Gone are the days of adjusting your derailleur and messing with persnickety gears, as with an Enviolo CVT internal rear-hub, you have a smooth and reliable transition, enabling great performance no matter the gradient.

Of course, the rest of the features of the Charger4 reflect Riese & Müllers’ commitment to best-in-class components. Supernova is responsible for the lighting system. Magura hydraulic disc brakes for superb stopping power, a Supernova lighting system, and A MIK compatible rear carrier system that allows a maximum load of 27.5 kg.

Fully Charged holds stock of many Riese & Müller configurations, so do check our in-stock Riese & Müller page, or if you’d like to pre-order your bespoke electric bike, get in touch with an eBike specialist, or book a test-ride at one of the Fully Charged stores from our website – www.fullycharged.com

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.