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The All New Bosch eBike Systems and Updates for 2023

Building on the platform made by the Smart System for Model Year 2022, Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer revealed at Eurobike 2022 an innovative range of new technology to fully charge the next generation of eBikers.

Words By Henry Hayes

Building on the platform made by the Smart System for Model Year 2022, Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer revealed at Eurobike 2022 an innovative range of new technology to propel the next generation of eBikers, and get them charged and staying charged by life’s everyday journeys. There are updates to the Performance Line motor, Cargo Line motor, entirely new Watt-Hours for their PowerPack battery range, an all new eBike security alarm and lock and a whole new Anti-Braking-System that will revolutionise the way in which Bosch eBike riders can safely move around our cities, suburban areas, villages and on the trails.

Building on the Smart System

The Smart System revealed in Model Year 2022 is integral to all new future updates that Bosch will be bringing to the market, including this year's range. All future exciting features, like the below, will be added quickly and easily with over-the-air updates. Enhanced by the eBike Flow App, the system is intended to combine the digital world and physical world in one fell swoop, thereby enhancing the overall experience.

Without further ado:


The New eBike ABS from Bosch

Arguably the biggest update to this year comes in Bosch’s new Advanced Braking System (ABS). Gone is the dated and bulky kit first released in 2018 that sat at the front of the handlebar, and in comes a brand new 77% smaller and 55% lighter piece of technology that is proven to reduce accidents by 29%.

The ABS system is hidden on the suspension fork and whilst most people are not confident to use the front-brake, the ABS will completely balance out the dynamics of the bike by opening and closing out the front pistons, allowing the bike to stop quickly, effectively and safely on high-grip and loose or slippery surfaces. This ensures optimum braking behaviour according to each riding situation.

Furthermore, the ABS comes with four modes, ABS Cargo, ABS Touring, ABS Allroad and ABS Trail. The ABS Trail is set to instill complete control and confidence eMTB riders can have out on their adventures. It has been designed for sporty rides, has been developed by professional eMTB athletes and is able to produce a maximum braking performance in challenging terrain.


The all new eBike Alarm

The end-consumer has been calling for quite some time for a fully integrated alarm and locking feature from Bosch. It is now here! The new digital theft feature can be utilised with the eBike Flow App via Bluetooth connectivity.

Not only is there a two step eBike alarm if the worst does happen, but end-users can also track the location and security status of their eBike at any time via the application.

This happens via a push notification to your smartphone, and comes with automatic tracking. Further still, and in tune with previous technological updates from Bosch eBike Systems, one can electronically disable the motor for a one-off fee in the app.


Performance Line Motor

The Performance Line motor now comes with an additional 10Nm of torque than the previous Generation, offering 75Nm.

New to the Performance Line is the ‘AUTO’ mode, which can sense upcoming resistance and challenges and modify your journey accordingly. All that is required is something as regular as an upcoming headwind or an upcoming hill and the motor will provide you with just that little more resistance without the need for you to shift to a lower gear. It therefore works automatically, hence its name… AUTO.


New PowerPacks for All

Two brand new PowerPack’s come into the market from Bosch that are exclusive to the Smart System, a 445Wh and a whopping 725Wh. The 725Wh comes with the highest energy content of any Bosch PowerPack. The original 400Wh and 500Wh are still in production with the standard mid-ware.


New Cargo Mode and ‘Hill Hold’

What’s impressive is Bosch’s ability to listen to its audience, and adapt to their want and needs. This couldn’t be more visible than in their new ‘Hill Hold’ Assist, which is an advancement on the ’Walk Assist’ mode inherent in all of their systems. In line with the huge growth within this category, Bosch has released the ‘hill hold’ which holds the bike for 10 seconds without needing to press the minus button that typically needs to be held when using the walk-assist feature. Of course, for mothers, fathers or businessmen and women that are needing an extended push up a ramp or hill with weight in the front box, this comes as a much needed invention.

Integral to all of the above is the eBike Flow App. It has over the air updates, settings, ride-modes, tracking, navigation, the eBike lock and eBike alarm, to ensure you have the ultimate bridge between the digital world and physical world of the system.


Other Notable Additions

New for MY23, the PowerTube 500 and PowerTube 625 are now available with the Smart System, which previously could only be adopted with the 750Wh PowerTube.

A new Intuvia 100 is introduced to the market. With a large font and clear design, the Intuvia can be integrated with the Bosch Smart System.

A new system controller and mini-remote is to be introduced with certain bikes for those that want a more minimal set up on their handlebar, both working with the Kiox 300 or the new Intuvia 100.

An imminent arrival will be the improved connectivity between the eBike Flow App and Komoot, the market favourite for navigation, routes and metrics.

The above updates are just further examples of how truly far ahead Bosch eBike Systems are in comparison to their competitors. Loads of manufacturers may come with innovative and good ideas, but no one in the industry has the execution and reliability in the industry as Bosch does. This is why they’re the market leader and Fully Charged are happy to represent them as our predominant eBike system in our A-List line up of eBikes.

Words By Henry Hayes