The Bosch eBike Smart System, Simplified!
The Bosch eBike Smart System, Simplified!

The Bosch eBike Smart System, Simplified!

It was back in 2021 when Bosch first announced the Smart System for their upcoming Model Year 2022

However, owing to supply-chain delays, prolonged manufacturer integration, as well as some initial skepticism from both retailers and the consumer alike as to the benefits this technology would bring to the end-user, it has taken some time for awareness and uptake to begin for the Smart System.

What we have found for the past two years when being asked about the Smart System by our customers is that, in actuality, it is quite complex, and so we wanted to simplify the message as to what this new digitalisation would bring to the future of electric bikes.

It's for this precise reason that we reached out to Bosch eBike Systems themselves and produced the above piece of video content, which now sees the below features written come into practice.

Building on the Smart System

Smart System for Model Year 2022,

Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer revealed at Eurobike in June 2022 about the next phase of the Smart System evolution.

There were announcements made about the Performance Line motor, Cargo Line motor, entirely new Watt-Hours for their PowerPack battery range, an all new eBike security alarm and lock and a whole new Anti-Braking-System that revolutionises the way in which Bosch eBike riders can safely move around our cities, suburban areas, villages and on the trails.

The New eBike ABS from Bosch

bosch ebike system

Similarly, Bosch’s Advanced Braking System (ABS) had an update. It now comes in a brand new 77% smaller and 55% lighter piece of technology than its predecessor, and is proven to reduce accidents by 29%. You can see from 9:08 Ben's ABS test!

The all new eBike Alarm

bosch ebike system

It is undeniable that the end-consumer had been calling for quite some time for an integrated alarm and locking feature from Bosch. What's great to see is that the all new eBike Alarm and Lock feature, with the Bosch ConnectModule, is now in place. You can see Ben and Mark go over this at 14:07 in the video.

Better still, not only is there a two step eBike alarm if the worst does happen, but end-users can also track the location and security status of their eBike at any time via the application.

This happens via a push notification to your smartphone, and comes with automatic tracking. Further still, and in tune with previous technological updates from Bosch eBike Systems, one can electronically disable the motor for a one-off fee in the app.

Performance Line Motor

bosch ebike system

We are now selling many Smart System models with the Performance Line motor, notably owing to the additional 10Nm of torque than the previous generation, offering 75Nm. You can see Mark is riding the Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 2 which comes with this additional upgrade in the video.

Both Ben and Mark talk at length about the 'AUTO' mode, inherent with both the Performance Line and Performance Line CX motors, as part of the Smart System. The AUTO mode senses upcoming resistance and modifies your journey accordingly. All that is required is something as regular as an upcoming headwind or an upcoming hill and the motor will provide you with just that little more resistance without the need for you to shift to a lower gear.

eBike Flow App

Integral to all of the above is the eBike Flow App. It has over the air updates, settings, ride-modes, tracking, navigation and settings to enable the eBike lock and alarm. This is to ensure you have the ultimate bridge between the digital world and the physical world of the system. Mark shows just how simple connecting your phone is to the Smart System via the eBike Flow App from 17:09 in the video.

bosch ebike system

The above updates that Ben and Mark reveal are just further examples of how truly far ahead Bosch eBike Systems are in comparison to their competitors. Loads of manufacturers may come with innovative and good ideas, but no one in the industry has the execution and reliability in the industry as Bosch does. This is why they’re the market leader and Fully Charged are happy to represent them as our predominant eBike system in our A-List line up of eBikes.

Written by Henry Hayes

Henry is the Marketing Director at Fully Charged. Unlike many other industry professionals, Henry is not your lycra clad cyclist. in fact, far from it. Henry sees electric bikes as the true enabler to help people go from A to Beyond.