Riese & Muller eBikes 2019 - What's New?
Riese & Muller eBikes 2019 - What's New?

Riese & Muller eBikes 2019 - What's New?

A preview of what to expect in the Riese & Muller 2019 eBike range. The pioneers of the eBike industry have once again raised the bar with some fantastic new models.

Since 1993, Riese & Muller have placed riders and their needs at the heart of every development. Now, Riese & Muller are paving the way for future mobility by producing eBikes with exquisite attention to detail and world class craftsmanship.

Here we take a closer look at the pioneering movements Riese & Muller have made for their 2019 eBike range.



The Culture GT has a classic design with an optimised geometry for comfortable riding. The full suspension chassis can carry heavy loads, while maintaining supreme comfort thanks to Riese & Muller Control Technology.

The Culture GT comes in 2 specification set ups - The Culture GT Touring comes with a Shimano 10 speed gearing system, where as the Culture GT Vario has Enviolo continual variable transmission which creates the feeling of 1 long gear, combined with a Gates belt drive it's incredibly smooth and easy to use, whilst being easy to maintain.


The Homage wins you over with an exceptionally dynamic riding experience thanks to Control Technology and a striking design. Whether you want to ride in the mountains or in the city, it's capable of both.

The Homage is available in 2 models - The Homage GT Vario with the Enviolo continuous transmission, or Homage E-14 Rohloff with the 14 speed brilliant electric gearing system. Both are very wisely specced with the Gates belt drive, Supernova lights, 500Wh PowerTube with the ability to upgrade to Dual 1000Wh battery. Other upgrade options include ABS, Bosch Kiox and COBI.


The Nevo's design has incorporated the Bosch PowerTube into the unmistakable puristic frame for 2019. The sporty low step style is ideal for touring or city riding. The Nevo is the companion for every day and and, with the new GX variant, it is now also the world's first all-terrain-through eBike to offer great driving pleasure off the beaten track.

The Nevo is available in 3 styles - GT City uses the trusty Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub, the Nevo GT Touring uses the Shimano Deore 10-speed derailleur which is over 1kg lighter than the GT City. Finally the GH Vario has Enviolo continual variable transmission.


Like the Nevo GT/GH models, the beautiful design incorporates the Bosch PowerTube, with the ability to upgrade to a 1000Wh dual battery. The GX is designed for more challenging routes through the city or across trickier terrains. It's new design and it's off road qualities bring a thrilling experience to the trail.

Th eGX is available in 2 options - The GX Touring has Shimano Deore XT 11-speed gearing, where as the GX Rohloff features the excellent E-14 electronic shifting gearing system.


The Load 75 is even more flexible than any previous eCargo bike. It's an evolution of the Load 60 with a large loading capacity and a wide range of potential uses. The front cargo surface has a total length of 75cm, and the load volume is increased by a total of 50 percent compared to the Load 60.

With extensive accessory options, the Load 75 offers the the best transport conditions for private and commercial use.

Available in either Touring or Enviolo continuous variable transmission models. Upgrade options include Bosch Kiox, 1000Wh dual battery and a host of cargo options.


The Multicharger is perhaps the most intriguing addition to the Riese and Muller range for 2019. It's a cargo optimised eBike in an off-road style. It's carefully designed cargo equipment options make the ideal touring, family or transporter eBike with only a slightly longer wheel base than the charger.

With it's unique colour and design, it's an unmistakeable eBike that can do anything and everything. It's as versatile as a Tern GSD, as nimble as a Riese and Muller New Charger and as heavy duty as a Riese and Muller Packster. One for all and all for one!

Available in 4 options - Multicharger light, Multicharger GX touring, Multicharger city and the Multicharger Vario.

The best selling New Charger, Tinker, Delite and Supercharger will be staying the same for 2019. All Rohloff models for 2019 will be using the E-14 electronic shifting instead of manual shifting. All prices and specifications will be live in September.

To see the Riese & Muller 2019 range, click here

Written by Max J