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Who is this bike for?

With some all new features, the latest generation is here - The Gocycle G3 is perfect for getting from A to B. Be it through the city, down to the local town or even across the harbour to pick up those essentials. It pretty much ticks all the boxes in all those cases! This lightweight, agile and easy to handle electric bike is quick and easy to jump on, but also can be stowed away neatly in your office, car or boat for example to offer a neat, practical storage solution.

eBike Specifications

  • Battery 138wh (24V, 5.8ah)
  • Range Up to 15 miles (25kms)
  • Charge Time 2.5 hours
  • Permissable Weight Suitable for riders up to 100kg (220lbs)
  • Size When Folded : 21*40*70cm
  • Speed 15.5mph (25kph)
  • Weight 12kg (26lbs)

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