MV Agusta Electric Bikes

AMO, the latest addition to MV Agusta's illustrious lineup, represents a fusion of Italian flair, precision engineering, and modern sustainability. It is a brand new love story for MV Agusta, a journey that signifies diversification and the opening of its embrace to a fresh, environmentally-conscious urban audience.

These electric bikes, bearing the iconic MV Agusta emblem, embody the brand's enduring commitment to engineering excellence and innovative design. Meticulously crafted, each model combines state-of-the-art electric technology with premium components, ensuring they deliver optimal performance and efficiency. These eBikes are a true testament to MV Agusta's unwavering dedication to precision engineering and innovation. Read More

These exceptional machines embody the iconic Italian flair and elegance that MV Agusta is renowned for, all while embracing a stylish and minimalistic design philosophy.

The name "AMO," which translates to "I love" in Italian, perfectly encapsulates the essence of MV Agusta's foray into the urban electric bike segment. This new chapter is not just a love story; it's a bold move towards diversification, appealing to a new audience of discerning, environmentally-conscious urban riders.

These eBikes are not just machines; they are a reflection of MV Agusta's passion and heritage, created with the same fervor as their legendary motorbikes. With AMO, MV Agusta introduces a new chapter in their storied history, one that celebrates love for both the open road and our planet, making it a compelling choice for riders who value style, performance, and sustainability. Welcome to the future of urban riding with AMO.

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