Be kind to your battery this winter
Be kind to your battery this winter

Be kind to your battery this winter

A few tips to keep your battery in good shape over the winter months.

It might be stating the blindingly obvious but batteries are expensive and need to be looked after if they are to give you the service expected of them. Historically cyclists fall into two camps: those who maintain their bike after every ride - and those who don’t.

eBikes require you to be just a little more mindful of the technology and batteries are a great place to start.

eBike batteries do not like the cold.

As it gets colder lithium-Ion is well known for not giving all of the range predicted by manufacturers. It’s the same for eBikes as it is for electric cars (EV).

The benefit an eBike battery has over the EV (apart from the long list of others) is that you can warm it up simply by taking it indoors. Keep your eBike battery at room temperature and it’ll save the need for it to ‘eat’ itself getting up to working temperature and maximise your range.

If you are planning to put your bike away for the coldest months, it also helps to maintain the condition of your investment in two simple steps:

  • Deplete your battery so it shows 2 or 3 bars.
  • Take it indoors, ideally somewhere dry and around 10C would be great, so not the airing cupboard.

This is just a very quick ‘how to’ but for more information about storing your eBike battery, take a look here.

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Written by Tristan Allan