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Benno City Pannier Bag - Black

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City Pannier Bag (1)

Model: A9001
Compatible with:

Categories: Boost EVO 5, 46er, Boost EVO 4, Boost EVO 3, eJoy, RemiDemi, Boost EVO 2, eScout, Boost EVO 1, Carry On
For RemiDemi: Jump Seat Rear Rack & Pannier Plate Set needed
Fits select non-Benno branded bikes
Color: Black
Volume: 20 liters (each)
Dimensions: 10-15cm x 46 x 42cm (W x L x H)
Our medium capacity pannier bags are designed to carry a variety of different loads, big and small. The adjustable strap system lets you secure anything from loaded grocery bags to oversized items by simply tightening the horizontal straps. Depending on the size of the item, you can either close the cover or leave it open to allow extra room for the load to extend out.
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