Best Urban eBikes of 2022
Best Urban eBikes of 2022

Best Urban eBikes of 2022

Power up your commute this year! Here are our picks of the Urban eBike category for 2022.

Electric bikes are fast becoming the transport solution for any individual that is looking to get from A - B in a fast, fun and economical way. Here’s our top urban eBikes that will turn heads and turn hearts this 2022.



Riese & Müller Roadster

Enter the complete urban package from one of the world’s leading eBike manufacturers, the Riese and Müller Roadster. This is a sporty, stylish eBike for the modern day urban commuter that reflects the German brands true identity.

The Roadster comes complete with market-leading Bosch integrated technology, and has the top of the line Performance Line CX motor and an integrated 625Wh PowerTube battery, averaging between 30 - 80 miles of range on a single charge whilst getting up and down any hill with ease.

Its slim frame design is reminiscent of conventional ‘roadie’ bikes and with the option for you to tailor the bike to your preferred gearing option, riding geometry and on-board tech, the Roadster is the batmobile of modern day urban riding.



Moustache Samedi 28.7

‘Born Electric’ French brand Moustache are now coming into their eleventh year of producing only electric bikes, and continue to pave the way for other eBike manufacturers to follow suit.

The Moustache Samedi 28.7, which comes in either an open or closed frame, benefits from being both supremely comfortable and dynamic, perfect for a city commute! Moustache uses best-in-class Bosch as their eBike system, and have paired the Samedi 28.7 with the Bosch Performance Line motor and a 625Wh integrated battery into the downtube. It also comes complete with the Bosch Nyon display, capable of ‘sat-nav’, GPS tracking and relevant data information for your journeys. The famous Moustache riser handlebar provides an ideal upright geometry on the bike, which is perfect for you to see and be seen in traffic. The Samedi 28.7 is finished in a rather sumptuous and elegant olive green drab - trés a là mode, if we say so ourselves!



Desiknio Pinion Classic LTD

The Desiknio Pinion is an engineering triumph. The mastermind behind Desiknio created a world first when integrating the critically acclaimed Pinion gearing with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive and eBike Motion electrical system. The result is a clean, minimal look with exceptional riding characteristics, and all under 15kg!

The Classic features silver polished aluminium parts, Brooks leather saddle and grips, a carbon fork and an array of beautifully powdered colour options.


Founded in 2016 in California, Super73 fuses motorcycle heritage and youth culture together, and is fast pioneering a new approach to help re-define the eBike industry.

The Super73-ZX is the newest addition to Super73’s line-up and brings all of the beloved features of their entry level eBike, the ZG, and improves upon it much further. The ZX is a high range commuter eBike, and is capable of getting between 25-30 miles of range thanks to its larger 615Wh removable battery than the ZG. With updated electronics, a lighter aluminium frame, as well as a brand new motor, which is capable of outputting 1350 watts of peak power, the ZX is going to be a very popular bike for all of those trend-setters.



Riese and Müller Tinker

Enter the Fully Charged rider and staff favourite, the Riese and Müller Tinker.

The Tinker is the perfect combination of an easy-to-handle, fast, and comfortable electric bike that is also ideal for city living, courtesy of its handlebar stem that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally for storage purposes. The Bosch Performance Line motor and a 500Wh PowerPack battery gives this bike ample power, and the 20” wheels provide good stability and a low centre of gravity on the roads. Check out our rider reviews on our Youtube channel with Tom Eaves and Reverend Jacqueline Dove to see the Tinker in all its glory out in the wild!

With the Tinker, you have an urban companion that you can take on public transport, carry up a few steps, or quickly stow away in the car, it’s a compact eBike that’s ready to tackle the day-to-day challenges in the city.



Moustache Lundi 27.5

Enter what some believe to be the most practical eBike on the market, and an absolute god-send for city living.

The Lundi was the very first bike that Moustache graced the eBike world with ten years ago. A beautiful, comfortable and unique bike, the Lundi is above all an incredibly practical riding companion for you to use.

The new and improved Lundi now has an integrated PowerTube battery fitted in the downtube, whilst still honouring its low step-through frame, allowing for easy access on and off the bike in the city. The iconic high-riser Moustache handlebars offer a safe upright geometry, giving you a full panoramic vision of your surroundings. It is perfectly set up for weekday commuting, shopping on the high street, or nipping to a local cafe to see your friends.


After reading the above you may be surprised to not see the likes of other products such as Vanmoof, Cowboy, Angel, Brompton and perhaps some other more traditional cycling brands in our list. That is not us saying that we do not appreciate these brands and the marketing they are doing to help transcend our industry. However, after thousands of customer miles ridden, and with many of our own network of riders last year converting onto our curated line up of brands from other alternatives, we can say with some authority that the six brands listed above are built-to-last and are offered with the best in aftercare and support.

After 8 years in the industry, we have narrowed down our curated list of brands to the ones we know are the most consistent and after the best aftercare and support. We want our network of riders to have a product they are happy with for years, and not for it just to be a throwaway purchase.

We are here as an independent eBike specialist to help you make the right call. Feel free to book a virtual appointment with one of our sales representatives, or book for a test-ride at either London Bridge, Silverstone, Cornwall or Guildford today.

Written by Henry & Max