Bosch 2017 ebike systems
Bosch 2017 ebike systems

Bosch 2017 ebike systems


Bosch are into their fourth generation of electric bike system in the last 8 years. In that time they have refined and improved electric bicycle motor technology that’s real potential have be realised thanks to the recent improvements in Lithium ion battery technology. With their experience in producing high quality and reliable electrical products they have lead the wave of ebike development as others continue to lay in their wake. Their system can be found in e-bikes from 50 of the top bicycle brands, some specialist electric bike companies like Moustache and many household names. They come in many forms including Haibike mountain bikes, Moustache urban bikes and Tern folders. Although their reliability is second to none, their two year guarantee is backed by Magura who are even better with their aftersales care and have even been known to voluntarily replace out of warranty batteries and classic line motors.

Bosch Motors

  • Classic 
  • Active
  • Performance
  • Performance CX

The below table compares the three Bosch motors available in 2017 with the detailed attributes.

Active Performance Performance CX
Gear Type Derailleur / Hub Derailleur / Hub Derailleur
Support Level (%) TURBO: 250 / TURBO: 225

SPORT: 150 / SPORT: 150

TOUR: 100 / TOUR: 100

ECO: 40 / ECO: 40

TURBO: 275 / TURBO: 265

SPORT: 190 / SPORT: 170

TOUR: 120 / TOUR: 110

ECO: 50 / ECO: 50

TURBO: 300

SPORT: 210

TOUR: 120

ECO: 50

Weight 4.0 kg 4.0 kg 4.0 kg
Maximum possible torque (nm) TURBO: 50 / TURBO: 48

SPORT: 45 / SPORT: 45

TOUR: 40 / TOUR: 40

ECO: 35 / ECO: 35

TURBO: 63 / TURBO: 50

SPORT: 55 / SPORT: 50

TOUR: 50 / TOUR: 45

ECO: 40 / ECO: 40



TOUR: 50

ECO: 40

Shift Detection Yes / No Yes / No Yes


The latest battery is a 500 wh hour, 10.8ah, 36 volt cell and is good for up to 125 miles* of power assisted cycling. Current battery options included the 300 wh, 400 wh, 500 wh & 1000 wh (Dual Battery).


The systems are all controlled by their displays. There will be three display options for 2017 with the release of the Purion screen. The new Purion LCD display is a third of the size of the intuvia and is Bosch’s move towards a ‘pure riding experience’ only offering the rider necessary information lending the focus onto your ride. Until now most Bosch bikes come as standard with the Intuvia LCD screen and 2015 saw the release of the colour LED Nylon display. The Nyon was another example of Bosch leading the ebike market with the very first screen with full GPS integrated to the motor and battery system. Is has a host of other features including bluetooth integration to your phone to notify you of any text messages and it has a lot of fitness data including monitoring your heart rate.

Added features of the Bosch system

Shift detection

One of the stand out features of the Bosch system over its competitors is their shift detection system which halts the motor when you change gear in order to release some tension from the chain, giving smoother gear changes.

At Fully Charged we recommend trying a Nuvinci hub gear as an alternative to a normal rear derailleur. The new Nuvinci 380 is a constant variable transmission which for urban cycling works in perfect harmony with the Bosch system to provide seamless riding.

Ground clearance

Most urban bikes use the active line motor which sits noticeably low to the ground, the first generation of performance motor slotted straight into the same position, but now the performance cx has been developed to be albe to sit at an upwards angle giving better ground clearance which you see on the latest mountain bikes which it is most important.  

Spare parts

Whether you have accidentally broken a component or your bike is out of warranty and you want a new component, Fully Charged has stock of certain more popular spare parts and have the ability to order any component for any of the three Bosch motors listed above and where possible parts for the Classic+ line.  


Like most ebikes the batteries are secured in place by unique keys. What makes them more unique is the code on the keys which we recommend to make a note of because in the event you lose all your keys, that code with our help will get you new keys cut

Bosch are based in Germany with Magura very close by therefore please all 5-7 days turn around for anything that we have to order in especially.

New dual battery

Another big first for an ebike brand has been the introduction of a dual battery system which can therefore provide up to 1000wh.

Diagnostic software

Bosch provide all qualified deals with their diagnostics material which when connected up to a bike can provide detailed information about a number of aspects about the status of the motor and battery and Bosch regularly release updates which have added features to improve the ability of your ebike.

Bosch FAQ’s

Can i retrofit batteries?

Since the active line Bosch have made their battery mounts universal therefore all 300, 400 & 500 wh batteries have capability to be retro fitted. Note a frame battery will not fit a rack mount and vice a versa. If you have bought a new battery it is always advised to get a software update from your retailer to make sure you are using all the latest updates. Fully Charged offer this service free of charge for all Bosch battery purchases.
*please note that this figure is based on a 75kg rider traveling in Economy mode on moderate terrain

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