Cobi for Bosch E-Bikes - Now In Stock!
Cobi for Bosch E-Bikes - Now In Stock!

Cobi for Bosch E-Bikes - Now In Stock!

COBI represents a new and exiting direction in E-Biking that connects your smartphone to your Bosch eBike displaying dynamic ride information.  The Cobi Smartphone hub simply replaces your Bosch Intuvia or Nyon display with a robust mount-case for iPhones or Android smartphones, and yes, it does charge your phone automatically!

The app offers live weather updates and turn by turn navigation, giving you the choice of fast routes, quiet routes and cycle highway routes for optimal bike guidance.

Quick access to performance information, fitness, and entertainment on a sleek and intuitive interface gives the rider more control with less hassle. You can link up with other social cycling apps like Strava to organise rides with others, share pictures of your adventures or whatever it may be!

The Ambi Sense Light is a sensor based system with 3 different modes for varying conditions… It has a distinctive system that makes sure you are always visible to others. What’s more, it includes a wireless rear light that is automatic with turn signals.

You can use the current Bosch controller to navigate the system, although the Bosch Nyon controller or Cobi controller offers even more flexibility.

If you think that’s it, think again. Cobi also helps to keep your bike safe and secure. The integrated water-resistant speaker also doubles as an electronic bell and a loud alarm that detects suspicious movements to help keep thieves away from your bike. The system is only linked to your smartphone making it useless to anyone else. The system wakes up and welcomes you when you approach the bike with your phone. Magic.

Cobi fuses the brains of your smartphone with the Bosch system, meaning Cobi will stay fresh with wireless upgrades and improved performance, leveraging your smartphone speed, screen excellence and overall performance.

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Written by Max Jaconelli

Max is the maestro who looks after our website, and has been at Fully Charged since the beginning. He rides a Riese & Müller Tinker, and is a Turbo mode enthusiast.