Desiknio - Lightweight, Next Generation eBikes - The Video Review
Desiknio - Lightweight, Next Generation eBikes - The Video Review

Desiknio - Lightweight, Next Generation eBikes - The Video Review

Desiknio Electric Road Bike Insight. We sit down with Mattheaus from Wingwheels to take a close look at what makes a Desiknio so special. A detailed look at frames, electrical systems and a Q&A will cover everything you need to know!

Behold the eBike that doesn’t look like an eBike! Desiknio electric bikes are quite possibly the most beautiful machines ever to grace the Fully Charged showroom. The exquisite attention to detail can be found in the studied frame geometry, stunning powder coated finish, and patented design of the belt drive in collaboration with the Pinion gearbox.

For those wanting an electric road bike to zip around the town, commute up to 50 miles, or for leisure rides on a Sunday, the Desiknio is a clear winner.

Desiknio use the proven motor, battery and controller systems from eBikemotion Technologies. Having everything from the same manufacturer ensures harmony between the electrical components. The result is a robust, powerful and reliable system. More info on eBikemotion Technologies

Models - Urban, Pinion & 11S

There are 3 models in the Desiknio range. All of the different specification and colour options can be explored in in the DESIKNIO CUSTOMISER.

Every single Desiknio eBike is built to order and takes around 50 hours to produce. This means that there is no rush to produces thousands of bikes, and means the level of detail on each bike hand crafted to the highest standard.

Q & A with Ben & Mattheus

What separates Desiknio from brands like Ampler, Coboc and Orbea?

"Well the bike is a very custom-made bike, it’s built in Spain with a lot of attention to detail. The guys building up these bikes are doing it on demand. There’s no production on stock."

"There’s real care that goes into the brand. It’s a family run business and Joaquin is an absolute perfectionist to the highest level. One thing that I’ve noticed is the way that the drive unit, battery controller and interface all marries up through eBike motion. It’s such an important point, rather than having it disjointed from many different places, which some brands are guilty of to try & get to market. Desiknio took their time to come to market."

"Yes, we only brought the bike to market last year, when it was really ready to go and the system was working well. Firstly, the electrical technologies are all from one platform, this is one of the main key points which sets it apart. On top of the system, there is the uniqueness of the integration of the Pinion gearbox with Carbon Beltdrive, also something Orbea, Coboc or Ampler can’t do, as Desiknio own the rights. It really works fantastically together. The complete design of the bike is very special, it’s not an off the shelf frame from Taiwan. The quality of the frame building is second to none. When you look at the attention to detail, you can see the CNC dropouts are one block which gives it great rigidness. By riding the Desiknio you feel the attention to detail in every step you do."

The battery and motor on Desiknio’s have less torque than Bosch eBikes, should I be concerned about overall range, or power when hill climbing.

"The overall range can easily be upgraded to 500Wh with the extension water bottle battery, same as Bosch. And then the bike is so lightweight, it’s lighter than every Bosch bike by at least 5kg, so the range will actually be far greater. As for hill climbing, if you have the Pinion gearing you can lower the gear to maintain the highest torque curve, and again because the bike is so light it can easily power up the hills."

A question from the Desiknio Customiser online tool. Whats the difference between the Gates CDN and CDX and whats the lifespan?

"The Gates CDN is the entry level belt, and CDX is the top level. The CDN will cover around 10,000 – 20,000km and the CDX will do 20,000 and above. The CDX is stronger and lasts longer – which is better for gravel, stony streets and trickier terrains."

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Written by Max