Download Our Free Ebike Buyers Guides For 2023
Download Our Free Ebike Buyers Guides For 2023

Download Our Free Ebike Buyers Guides For 2023

The electric bike industry has now grown to cover a range of different uses, so we have created a selection of guides, each tailored to individual requirements for Me, We & B2B.

Whether you’re looking for a family cargo bike to save on fuel costs, a new toy to commute to work on or an electric bike for your business, our array of guides are packed with testimonials from Fully Charged customers, top eBike picks and video content from our YouTube channel.

eCargo Bikes for Families Guide

With the annual running costs of a car now reaching £3,556, more families are discovering the benefits of using cargo bikes to transport children from A to B. Many customers have fed back how much owning an eCargo bike has changed family life for them; the door-to-door service, no more sitting in traffic, no petrol costs and generally a more fun, greener way to get around town. Allow your children to better connect with the outdoors whilst discovering new destinations as a family.

Download our eCargo bikes for families guide to learn about our top Fully Charged cargo bike pics and more.

2023 eBike for Families Guide

eBikes for Women Guide

We’re on a mission to close the gender cycling gap and encourage cycling as a fun and efficient way to get around. There’s nothing to say women need an electric bike in particular, we’re in support of getting more women on bikes, whether it’s a fancy road bike or your Nan’s old bike that you found in her shed.

We do however believe eBikes offer something special due to the fact they can be enjoyed by all - whatever your fitness level.

With the #1 reason women give for choosing not to cycle being a concern about road safety, electric bikes can offer a real sense of security through the additional visibility and agility they provide.

But don’t just hear it from us - download our ‘Electric Bikes for Women’ guide to learn about how owning an electric bike has changed the lives of our customers.

2023 Electric Bikes for Women Guide

Riese & Müller Guide

German brand Riese & Müller have become synonymous with precision engineered electric bikes over recent years. We know making an investment into buying an electric bike is a major decision, so why settle for something that’s sub-standard and risk falling into the ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ trap?

Whether you’re looking for an urban commuter, off-road all rounder or a family cargo bike, Riese & Müller offer the highest standard of electric bikes in the world.

Our detailed Riese & Müller guide takes you through our top Riese & Müller eBike picks, a range of testimonials from Fully Charged customers and the process of matching you with your perfect Riese & Müller model.

2023 Riese & Muller eBikes Guide

Moustache Electric Bikes Guide

The first brand we welcomed into our A-List line up nearly 10 years ago, the French ‘born electric’ brand has been with us ever since. There’s good reason, too - Moustache has curated a stylish range of electric urban, hybrid, eMTB, cargo and even tandem bikes that are impeccably built and incredibly fun to ride.

The Moustache range offers something for anyone who wants to discover the joys of eBiking.

Moustache Bikes Buyers Guide

Urban Arrow Business Buyers Guide

A guide focussed strictly for the B2B side of our business, this guide is designed to help businesses learn more about the advantages of using electric cargo bikes for transport, namely Urban Arrow. Over the last 8 years we’ve helped a range of businesses, from florists to construction companies, make the move to electric cargo bikes - understanding each companies requirements and in turn pairing them with the right cargo bikes for them.

With the ULEZ expansion coming into force in August 2023 (link to blog) and an ever expanding cycle-network in London, there’s never been a better time to consider how electric cargo bikes could help your business to become more efficient and cost-effective. Transport is the second biggest source of CO2 emissions in the UK, contributing a huge 8.43 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Ditching the diesel and going electric is one of the forefront ways a fleet management business can reduce their contributions towards climate change and be part of the green revolution.

Urban Arrow Bikes for Business Guide

Electric Bikes for the Over-50s Guide

With the growing popularity of electric bikes across the UK, we’ve been delighted to see so many of our customers' feedback to us that they've been able to discover cycling and get outdoors more since buying an electric bike. There’s no prescriptive rule to say you must go electric once you turn 50 - we’re cycling advocates, whether that’s on electric bikes or 80s road bikes! The amazing thing about eBikes however, is their ability to make the hills feel like flats and extend the distances you can ride - whilst still getting in a good workout. Electric bikes can also provide a great way of getting outdoor exercise during injury rehabilitation, after a surgery or even life with a chronic illness.

Our ‘Electric Bikes for the Over-50s’ guide is ideal for anyone looking to discover a world of cycling, whether for everyday use, campervan/sailing holidays or commuting!

Written by The Fully Charged Team