Carla Cargo

Carla Cargo

It’s time your business changed. It’s time you take on your city with Carla Cargo.

Carla is the emission-free alternative to a car and sets new standards for eMobility, with one objective, to make deliveries for bikes, electric bikes and electric cargo bikes globally emission-free!

Carla’s differential is that it can be combined with most regular bicycles and electric bikes. Thanks to an integrated mechanical overrun brake, it is possible to carry heavy loads extremely safely. Additionally, Carla comes in an electric version, the ‘eCarla’, providing electric support that can make your trailer even more agile and faster.

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Carla Cargo was founded in 2018 with a mission to transport heavy loads quickly, environmentally friendly and without sitting in traffic.

The electric cargo bike is one of the most efficient means of transport. In combination with the powerful electric motors, completely new, sustainable concepts for transporting heavy loads in urban areas are emerging.

Carla Cargo have created the opportunity to tackle immediate change for alternative and innovative transport solutions, and in doing so bringing an intelligent option for all cities and towns here in the UK and beyond.

It is Carla’s vision that their product are transporting heavy loads and where there is more space to live and more space for new ideas.

At Fully Charged, we showroom our Carla Cargo’s at our London Bridge Service Centre, as well as offering trials of our demo Carla Cargo, should a business request a longer term rental. Simply put, Carla is the emission free alternative to a car and sets new standards for eMobility.

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