eCargo Bikes - the solution to stressful school runs and cargo delivery
eCargo Bikes - the solution to stressful school runs and cargo delivery

eCargo Bikes - the solution to stressful school runs and cargo delivery

Family eCargo bikes are the ultimate in emission free goods carrying vehicles. From food to kids to dogs, it can all be done. We spoke to Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E owner Mina about her eCargo experiences.

With the new school term just around the corner, household stress levels are probably rising. With so many aspects to think about, the school run shouldn’t be adding to this pressure..

This is where the eCargo bike comes in. Allowing you to nip through the traffic, use cycle lanes or bike parking bays. All while feeling freer and more energised, with assistance provided by some of the best eBike motors on the market.


A Fully Charged customer, Mina, who uses a Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E has kindly answered a few of our questions. We believe these will help to clarify any potential worries you may have if you are considering an eCargo bike...

What was the driving factor behind purchasing an eCargo bike, and did it replace a car? ‘We wanted reduce our carbon footprint. We hesitated as electric batteries are not totally environmentally friendly but seems still the best option for us on the market yet. No assistance with two kids was not an option. I did not feel strong or fit enough to do it. It does replace the car, my partner walks or cycles too. We have a very old Clio not fit for long distance anymore, full of rust and sand.’

Getting daily use from your eCargo bike is the best way for the bike to start paying for itself. Mina tries to do this, but living on the island of Guernsey, due to strong wind and rain this is not always possible.

This is a slightly different issue to one that London based eCargo riders might have – cycle lanes and transport infrastructure.

Cycling your most precious cargo across town in rush hour may seem like a crazy thing to do, and Mina backs up this school of thought - ‘I tend to cycle small streets and shortcuts to avoid traffic, especially during rush hour. It frustrates me being stuck behind cars with my kids breathing gasses from the exhaust pipes... So city riding at rush hour unless on good cycle paths, I would probably think twice.’

Studies have proven however that sitting inside a car is no better for your children, being in an enclosed space with polluted air pumping around the car (while stuck in traffic) is not beneficial by any means.

Either way, the best level of pollution for anyone’s lungs is zero, however this is not feasible. We think that arriving at your destination faster, via eBike, is the most enjoyable and health positive way to travel.

Like Mina, you may have a number of concerns pre-purchasing an eCargo bike – ‘the weight, the ease to ride, no shops in Guernsey were selling any cargo bikes so no test ride was possible, shipping was complicated. What if an eCargo bike was not for us?’

‘We quickly looked into Butchers because of the built to tilt feature. It looked like an agile stable bike, from there we were very confident in our purchase, we felt we were buying the top of the top.’

Thankfully all of these pre-purchase worries were all quashed on arrival. Becoming competent with the tilting feature only took a spin around the block, and not once were the issues with weight mentioned.

To prove how enjoyable riding a large eCargo bike is we asked: At what point will you have your kids doing the hard work, while you're relaxing in the front? ‘As soon as one of them has long enough legs to reach the pedals!! Thinking about it actually, ‘hard work’ is strong word when the turbo is on. Even long steep hills are just so easy in turbo. I’m not sure I will give up my seat on Butcher to anyone!’

For those who feel they couldn’t boldly commit like Mina, that’s what Fully Charged is here for.

We’re open six days a week with free test rides on all of our eCargo bikes. From making sure you chose one with sufficient carrying capacity, to servicing your eCargo. Fully Charged can help you move goods from A to B via the most efficient mode of transport!

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Written by Max