Revolutionising Transport Logistics: The Benefits Of Electric Cargo Bikes
Revolutionising Transport Logistics: The Benefits Of Electric Cargo Bikes

Revolutionising Transport Logistics: The Benefits Of Electric Cargo Bikes

We take a closer look at the benefits of electric cargo bikes for businesses, ahead of the inaugural National Cargo Bike Summit on March 31st, 2023.

As urban and suburban populations continue to grow, traditional delivery methods are becoming increasingly unsustainable. Congestion, emissions, and delivery times are all major pain-points for businesses that rely on transportation to move goods around cities. However, there is a solution that is rapidly gaining popularity… electric cargo bikes. Electric cargo bikes are revolutionising logistics by providing a cost-effective, efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional delivery methods. In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits of electric cargo bikes for businesses that can use electric cargo bikes for both first-mile and last-mile delivery.

1. Why Electric Cargo Bikes are the Future of Sustainable Transportation

Electric cargo bikes are quickly becoming the future of sustainable transportation owing to several factors. Electric cargo bikes allow businesses to own their own logistics and have greater control over their delivery processes. They increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with traditional methods of transport.

Additionally, the environmental impact of electric cargo bikes is significantly lower than that of vans, with zero emissions and reduced noise pollution. By switching to electric cargo bikes, businesses can save money on road tax, congestion charges, parking fees and petrol, while also contributing to a cleaner and greener city.

You can hear here from Farah Asemi, Founder of ecofleet mindful delivery, and how she conceived the idea for her zero-emissions delivery business off the back of her environmental concerns for our major cities.

And let’s not forget the benefits to the workforce! Employees who ride bikes report higher levels of job satisfaction and overall well-being. Don’t take our word for it, we’ve interviewed a number of our clients’ riders including Esiah of Absolutely Courier, London’s oldest couriering firm!

‘Riding a cargo bike is a joy, to put it bluntly’

It’s no wonder that cities and towns across the UK are making policies that encourage the use of cargo bikes for deliveries, such as exempting them from congestion and ULEZ charges and providing more bike-friendly infrastructure. The future is electric, and it’s on two wheels.

2. How Electric Cargo Bikes Can Save Your Business Time and Money on Deliverables

Time is money, and electric cargo bikes can save your business both. By using cargo bikes for deliveries, businesses can streamline their operations and spend more time creating value for their customers. With cargo bikes, there’s no need to rely on third-party logistics companies or deal with the headaches of lost or damaged packages, refunds, or excessive packaging costs.

By cutting out these intermediaries, through traffic and access to hard-to-reach locations, cargo bikes can help businesses hit more deliveries in less time. In fact, studies have shown that electric cargo bikes are 60% faster than vans in city centres!

Can electric bikes replace vans for businesses in the UK?

By switching to electric cargo bikes, businesses can save both time and money, while also contributing to a cleaner and more efficient city. The benefits of cargo bikes for businesses are clear.

3. The Top Features to Look for in an Electric Cargo Bike

When it comes to choosing an electric cargo bike for your business, there are several features to consider.

Above all, it’s imperative that you select an electric cargo bike that best fits your application. Discussing your business’ requirements with an eCargo bike expert early in your research can save you time and will ensure that you get matched with the best option.

We would strongly suggest looking for an electric cargo bike that has a reputable eBike drive system. Bosch eBike Systems are widely regarded as the most durable and reliable eBike system on the market, with the likes of Urban Arrow, Riese & Müller and Tern Bicycles building their products around Bosch’s technology.

Next, consider the rigidity and low centre of gravity of the bike, as these factors can greatly impact stability and safety whilst carrying heavy cargo.

It’s also important to pay attention to the cargo capacity and gross vehicle weight of the bike, as these will determine how much and how safely you can transport.

Other top features to consider might include adjustable handlebars and seating, high-quality suspension systems and reliable braking systems.

By selecting an electric cargo bike with these features, businesses can ensure safe and efficient transport of their goods, whilst contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Urban Arrow Product Review

Some of the world’s leading electric cargo bikes manufacturers include Urban Arrow, a Dutch company that specializes in front-loading electric cargo bikes. Urban Arrow can take up to 275kg of gross vehicle weight in its flagship model, the Cargo XL, and 620 litres, but can also take up to 2500 litres with the Tender 2500! Check out the video above to see their extensive product range.

Download our Urban Arrow Buyers Guide.

Riese and Müller, widely considered the world’s most respected electric bike manufacturer has a portfolio of both front and rear-loading options, suitable for families and businesses. New for 2023, the Transporter 65/85 is designed for businesses, and for businesses looking for a more compact option, the Tern GSD is pioneering the compact cargo category.

The Benefits of Investing in an Electric Cargo Bike for your Business

Are you considering investing in an electric cargo bike for your business? If so you’ll be pleased to know of the numerous advantages these machines have over more traditional methods of transport. By owning your own logistics you can greatly increase efficiency and save time and money compared to using a van. Electric cargo bikes are also categorised as ‘plant and machinery’ for accounting purposes and so are 100% tax deductible, meaning that they are hugely tax efficient purchases.

Using an electric cargo bike as a delivery vehicle is a great advertising opportunity for your business. Bespoke wedding and installation specialist, Lucy Vail Floristry, initially thought about using cargo bikes for that precise reason.

Electric cargo bikes can also be used in cycling lanes, making them a versatile and eco-friendly option for urban transportation. Aside from the numerous benefits to efficiency, productivity and profitability when compared with vans, there is also a positive social impact, both for your team and the wider community.

How to Choose the Right Electric Cargo Bike for Your Delivery Needs

Join us on March 31st at the National Cargo Bike Summit on 31st March at the Guildhall, London EC2V 7HH. We are available throughout the day to offer business pre-consultations and test-rides, so that you can make the most of your time with us! Please get in touch at to find out more.

When it comes to choosing the right electric cargo bike for your delivery needs, it’s essential to speak to a specialist.

As one of the headline sponsors of the event, we’re in attendance both from our London Bridge and Silverstone teams, who have majored since 2014 on the topic of cargo bikes for several years.

Our eBikes for Business team has a range of cargo bikes available for you to test-ride. With expert advice and the opportunity to get a feel for the different options, you can make an informed decision about which bike is right for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a front or rear loading cargo bike, or something with a particular cargo capacity, Fully Charged has a range of options to suit your requirements. So why not visit us today to find the perfect electric cargo bike for your delivery needs?

Written by The Fully Charged Team