Focus eBikes 2019 - A New Dimension in Riding
Focus eBikes 2019 - A New Dimension in Riding

Focus eBikes 2019 - A New Dimension in Riding

We take a closer look at the Focus 2019 eBike range, including the Squared Experience, Tailored Energy Concept

Fully Charged are delighted to announce that from 2019 onwards, we will be one of the UK's premier FOCUS eBike retailers. FOCUS eBikes are first and foremost rider’s bikes, epitomized by their lightweight nature and smart technical details. Here we take a look at what makes them special…

Squared Experience

A new dimension for eBikes – Any eBike from FOCUS that is Squared (2) means the geometry is the same as their normal mountain bikes. The interplay of coordinated components meets all the requirements expected of real trail bikes. After all, the bikes have the same DNA as their ‘classic’ brothers. A low centre of gravity, trail oriented handling and sufficient ground clearance means the ride will be excellent.

What’s most impressive about squared eBikes from FOCUS, is the Q-Factor, this means the width of the crank arms are incredibly narrow for an electric bike, which creates sufficient space for ideal kinematics.

Battery Range and Airflow

One thing you might notice on FOCUS eBikes specifications are the smaller capacity batteries, but this is not something that should concern you. Because of the lightweight nature and Airflow systems in place on their eBikes, the range calculations have worked out to be very similar to Bosch and Yamaha 500Wh batteries.

The Airflow system provides optimal ventilation for the integrated batteries, cool air flows through the Airflow intakes into the down tube to cool down the battery and prolong the range!

Tailored Energy Concept (T.E.C Pack)

The engineers at Focus have developed an outstanding Tailored Energy system to ensure you have as much energy as you need. The energy concept allows you to have an adjustable battery capacity of up to 756Wh, cleverly distributed over 2 equally powerful batteries.

Also, T.E.C packs arrive in a super cool flight case!


The precise functioning of the rear suspension is crucial for the design of a full suspension bike. Focus has proprietary F.O.L.D. (FOCUS OPTIMIZED LINKAGE DESIGN) kinematics, FOCUS has developed and patented a rear triangle system that offers several advantages and can be used for all full-suspension FOCUS mountain bikes; Enduro, All-Mountain, Trail or Cross Country – it doesn’t matter.

If you have any questions about the range please don't hesitate to get in touch. We will be receiving our first demo eBikes in November, and begin to accept pre-orders in October

Written by Max