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Riese & Müller Front Carrier Bag

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Front Carrier Bag

Front carrier compatible with Charger4/Mixte, Supercharger, Nevo4, Delite, Superdelite, Homage, Multicharger/Mixte (models with Bosch Gen4), Roadster/Mixte (from MY2018), Cruiser/Mixte (from MY2020). Not compatible with cargo front carrier.


Easy to fit at home, following the simple step by step guide:


Step 1 – Open the two velcro flaps on the bottom of the bag and slide them through the openings on the sides of the front rack.

Step 2 – Flip over the velcro flaps and push them to the sides of to temporary fix them.

Step 3 – When assembling the bag to the front rack make sure to position the holes in the flaps of the bag over the screws on the downside of the front rack.

Instructions will be provided with the bag.


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