Fully Charged Electric Cycle To Work Schemes
Fully Charged Electric Cycle To Work Schemes

Fully Charged Electric Cycle To Work Schemes

Fully Charged are delighted to offer 2 cycle to work schemes where you can buy any of our electric bikes with big savings.

Green Commute Initiative


Specifically geared towards eBikes, The Green Commute Initiative has no £1000 limit so you can save up to 42% on any of our bikes.

Employees Benefit With No Cost

It doesn’t cost the employers anything to run a GCI scheme and you’ll make an employer’s National Insurance saving of 13.8% of the price of the bike. The employer tax savings means there’s no effect on your bottom line.

Will I own the bike

Yes, although the scheme has to comply with tax regulations. This is all included in the arrangements and you won’t pay any additional end of scheme fees.

Now Imagine

Imagine a commute where you leave when you like and go the route you want to. The segregated cycle lanes are continuously popping up meaning your rides are stress free. Effortlessly cruise along the quiet roads and cycle ways. No queues, no frustration. Cycling in normal clothes and not getting hot and sweaty. Your imagining an eBike.

Saving your lungs

It’s a fact! 50,000 people a year die prematurely in the UK from exposure to the poor quality air on our busy city streets. Certain parts of London have exceeded the pollution limit for a whole year within 6 days. Cars recirculate the pollution giving their occupants a double dose. The World Health organisation says this is worse than passive smoking and it’s far more harmful to be in a car than in the open air. Cyclists have much less exposure and an eBike rider using quieter routes has practically no exposure at all!

Minimal Administration

We manage pretty much all the administration for you. You’ll just need to let your payroll know the salary sacrifice information.

What about HMRC?

Green Commute Initiative is fully compliant with HMRC regulations and guidance.



Whats the next step?

Get in touch! We’ll provide all the information and severyting you need to offer a successful scheme.

Contact Info


020 3740 1836

The Cycle Scheme


Cycle scheme is the most widely used scheme in the UK. We have been working with cycle scheme for over 3 years and it works perfectly. However it is only applicable for up to £1000.

Email info@fullycharged.com for more information.

Written by Max Jaconelli

Max is the maestro who looks after our website, and has been at Fully Charged since the beginning. He rides a Riese & Müller Tinker, and is a Turbo mode enthusiast.