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Fully Charged are helping businesses take their logistics, deliveries and pop up capabilities to the next level through the use of electric cargo bikes.

Skip the traffic queues, reduce costs, improve your Co2 emissions and increased rider enjoyment are just some of the benefits of making the switch to eCargoes.

We have curated the world's finest selection of eCargo bikes from the likes of Tern, Urban Arrow and Riese & Muller, and paired it with industry leading after-care to offer the best possible solution for businesses.

Your Guide to becoming fully charged

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speak to a specialist

Book a consultation with one of our specialists to understand more about why eCargoes can help, and begin to narrow down your options.

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select your ecargo bike

As we learn more about your requirements, we can help matchmake your business to it’s ideal eCargo bike.

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start your free trial

We have a selection of eCargo bikes specifically for you to try out, for free!

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purchase your ecargo bike

There are numerous ways to buy, from business financing to government incentives. We can help find the best solution for you.

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become a fully charged business

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Why eCargo Bikes

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own your own logistics

eCargo bikes can reach targets faster and more efficiently than traditional methods such as vans. Some of our clients report that for every 9 jobs a van completes, the eCargo bike completes 30.

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increase efficiency

With cities making it harder for cars and vans to easily get to their destination, an eCargo bike can utilise the rapidly improving infrastructure to get to their destination, and park easily.

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go green

As well as a more efficient, more profitable delivery method, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too, reducing your business’ carbon footprint and becoming more desirable to your customers.

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reduce costs

With rising costs of driving within the city, an electric cargo bike avoids road tax, congestion charge, parking fees and petrol.

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happy, healthy riders

Maintain a happier and healthier workforce. Many of the Fully Charged Businesses report a positive change in their riders when moving to eCargo bikes.

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fully charged businesses

Read insights on how businesses around London have incorporated eCargo bikes into their most treasured assets.

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how we help businesses

Our global sales and service network offers company ebike users the best possible levels of support and care.

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Businesses We Work With

Popular eCargo Bikes For businesses

Image Urban Arrow Cargo XL

Urban Arrow Cargo XL

The best heavy goods transporter

Key features

  • Faster than vans
  • Carries a huge 620 litres
  • Coolbox
  • Quick acceleration
  • 50 miles of battery life

Who is this for?

  • Looking for van replacement
  • Heavier good transporation
  • Popular with food delivery companies
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Image Urban Arrow Shorty

Urban Arrow Shorty

The best light goods transporter

Key features

  • Powerful
  • Same length as a city bike
  • Range of 750 miles
  • Carries up to 150 litres

Who is this for?

  • An urban multitasker
  • Smaller item delivery companies
  • Those who place speed over size
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Image Tern GSD

Tern GSD

The best Foldable ecargo

Key features

  • Super bright front light
  • Quick release handbar
  • Weights 34 Kg.

Who is this for?

  • Multi-terrain level
  • Carrying light loads
  • Carrying kids
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