Gocycle GS Electric Bike “The affordable Gocycle”
Gocycle GS Electric Bike “The affordable Gocycle”

Gocycle GS Electric Bike “The affordable Gocycle”

Gocycle have announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign to bring a new generation of Gocycle to market, the Gocycle GS. At nearly half the cost of their current model the G3 it brings the Gocycle to a much wider market. Although the Gocycle GS is currently only available in the US we hope that it will be brought to the UK in 2017 if the Kickstarter campaign is successful. The Gocycle GS is a major step for Gocycle, at only $1999 it is significantly cheaper than the G3 or the G2 while still retaining a lot of the functionality of the two.

The Gocycle G3

The Gocycle G3 was launched in May 2016 and Gocycle built on every piece of experience gained with the G2 and tightened up what was already a very sturdy folding electric bike. With the London electric bicycle market booming we had a great deal of interest in the lead up to the launch and fulfilled pre orders from all over the world. A huge effort was made to improve the internal stem and steering pivots of the bike to create a much more rigid riding experience while improving the folding mechanism. Other upgrades include 25% increased battery capacity, improved folding mechanism, 100% integrated cabling, 12cm daytime running light (DRL), docking station, new pedals, front light mount, the list goes on.  Since the first bikes arrived we have done thousands of test rides and the bike continues to grow and gain recognition for all its great design, performance and practicality. Favourite features at Fully Charged include the DRL and docking station. The G3 is £3299 and available in Electric Blue, Matte Black or So White along with all accessories available to buy on our website.

The Gocycle GS

So what can we look forward to with the Gocycle GS and what we know at this very early stage?

  • Identical Gocycle Magnesium Frame (Available in White)
  • 500 watt Gocycle Proprietary Motor gear drive
  • 5 Clean drive colour options (Red, Stealth Black, Pink, Electric Blue & Baby Blue)
  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • 13.5ah, 22V Lithium battery with Gocycle Proprietary battery management system. (295wh)
  • 7 hour charge time
  • Gocycle Performance tyres
  • Shimano Nexus 3-speed hub gear
  • Stowable dimensions 780x370x580mm
  • Pit Stop wheels (Black) with patented pitstop lock
  • Top Speed 20mph (Type 2 US ebike)
  • Range up to 50 miles (depending on pedal input)
  • Weighs under 16kg
  • Smart Phone Mount
  • Comes with Folding pedals as standard
  • Hydroformed Aluminium handlebar
  • Maximum rider weight:100kg (220lbs)
  • All the G3 accessories available

Fully Charged like to consider ourselves to be the most qualified Premium reseller of what is quickly being established as the best urban electric folding bike. Unfortunately we will have to contain our excitement for this exciting new ebike as the Gocycle GS will only be available to the US market. The US is starting to follow the UK’s lead and beginning to embrace eBikes, with many people beginning to understand their advantages and more specifically the fun of owning an electric bike like the Gocycle. If the project is a success it is more likely we can bring the Gocycle GS home in 2017.

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